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System/game options

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  • System/game options

    Some small changes would be welcome such as:

    Have the option to hide the chat box and not just to increase/decrease in size, just like the Event Guide and Quest Tracking box.

    Have the option to hid all those flower notifications and the petals that drop down (Got old very fast)

    While certain events such as Trivia event is active hide all notification that run along the top of screen, makes things difficult to read the question etc.

    Have the option to change screen resolution for multiple sizes and to go full screen.

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    Thank you


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      And to add... Please put the server time on the game screen. Well, we know that the server time is 4pm. But we want to know what time is that in different countries.


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        Yes to all of the above ... I would LOVE to be able to collapse or free-float the chat boxes separately from each other, especially Guild or Team chat, and also to be able to create special chat channels for whomever I want to invite to such a channel (family/friends in RL).

        Toggling off the viewing of the Rose gifting page takeovers would be AMAZING! PLEASEEEEEEEEE

        Trivia annoys me b/c of the notifications and rose gifting taking over the screen. I would also love to be able to "X" out of bullhorn messages or do something to make them go away if they're aggravatingly covering my screen area to the left. Makes it difficult to click in that area!