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How to prevent the game of becoming "OLD"

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  • How to prevent the game of becoming "OLD"

    One thing that would prevent the game from becoming old is to adopt some mechanisms that don't keep on repeat themselves. After playing wartune (for more than 7months) and the likes, here is my verdict.

    1) The game personalization is a good way to keep players hooked. Now all characters look alike, and even the skins you buy in shop are not so much appealing. The gears should be something like the wings, where they evolve in looks.

    2) Daily events are not a good thing and just like it implies, it is heavily repetitive. Put a system which is achievement like. (In Final Fantasy XII there was a bounty system which worked beautifully, where there was a page showing your bounty with achievement. Because of that, you felt like you had a goal. Just as killing 1000 of that type of monster, and it will keep you coming back for more everyday) The reward for the achievements need not be too great, something like raising max energy by X amount. Something useful but tangible.

    3) More quests, a lot of quests with integrated side quest that are so much that you have to decide if you want to partake or not. That will keep the game dynamic and always revolving. (For example, the mario games were extremely repetitive, you just side scroll to the end, but each level was in its sense its own adventure and every level felt different).

    4) The side quests should replace the +exp% scrolls. I am saying that because having that item is proof that you want your players to grind for exp. And a lot of people hate grinding. Every second in your game should feel like an advanture, not a dreaded exp% grinding experience. And with no achievemtn to show for it

    hopefully this does not become another wartune mash up, where you just feel like the game become a dead end job, where you just come, do your job and at the end it becomes so dreadful that your only option is to quit.

    I encourage everyone to put forth what they think and their own opinion on this matter, Cause we would not want to come back to a grinding exp game.
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    Add more quest for 1 grinding from 36 to 38 really stinks, like if your going to do that at lest make it more worth it with more side quest at lest.


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      I quit Wartune because of the never-ending boredom of not having anything new to do, and no story-line. This one at least has a story-line, but grinding is not my cup of tea, nor is it worth enduring. I was happy with the inclusion of the timer, but looking at the same doggone locked quest and having to wait and wait for stamina to regen b/c I've used it all ... it's driving me batty. At this rate, I won't be playing the Beta.


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        This was actually my thoughts, this feels like working at McDonalds and waiting for your clock to be over... I hope they implement lots of quests and the likes.
        Lots of achievements to unlock
        Lots of character look evolving.
        Lots of in depth side quests that would flesh out the storyline.

        Its like they have a good template of a game and they are not making a good use of it
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