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  • Math Fial

    Looks like I will have to buy all of my cash from you all a dollar at a time, because you are cheating us all of the levels after that. Anyone who hasn't noticed, hasn't done the math.

    $.99 = 100 gold and $4.99 - 500 gold, but if you buy $.99 five times (500 divided by 100 = 5), it costs, $4.95.

    I'm not going to notice the 4 cents once, but if you bought the five dollar bonus every week for a year, that adds up ($.04 x 52 = $2.08). Again, two bucks isn't going to make or break me, but that number gets MUCH worse at higher levels, such as $9.99 = 1000 gold, $19.99 = 2000 gold, $39.99 = 4000 gold, and OMG, $99.99 = 10,000 gold.

    Check out the math:

    $.99 x 10 = $9.90 (1000 divided by 100 = 10), a $.09 savings, which once a week for a year is $4.68.
    $.99 x 20 = $19.80 (2000 divided by 100 = 20), a $.19 savings, which once a week for a year is $9.98.
    $.99 x 40 = $39.60 (4000 divided by 100 = 40), a $.39 savings, which once a week for a year is $20.28.
    $.99 x 100 = $99.00 (10,000 divided by 100 = 100), a $.99 savings (that's a cheat of 100 gold all in itself, EVERY SINGLE TIME), which once a week for a year is $51.48.

    Yes, I know that you all are in the business of making money, but do you have to cheat us so blatantly? Most games off INCENTIVES to buy the larger packs instead of penalties like this. It's enough to make a person rethink whether they want to bother spending money with your game at all, or if they'd rather find one that isn't quite so costly a 'free' game. After all, if it's a PitA to get the toys, we'll probably not bother.

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    omg! 5cents call in the army!!!!

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      I'm trying to figure out why this was posted as a bug rather than feedback. Really, no one is making anyone donate. It's up to the individual player if they donate, how much they donate or how often they donate. The pricing is clearly laid out so they didn't fail anything. Caveat Emptor and all that.

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          Originally posted by Ashanie View Post
          omg! 5cents call in the army!!!!
          I bet you play the lottery, too... You know, that thing that is a tax on people who are bad at math....

          Notice where I said the 4 cents ONCE wasn't a big deal, but that the more often you buy, the more the system they are using cheats the users. Someone who buys regularly--i.e., the people the game builders want to attract--will lose more and more money. I came in through Facebook games. I spend a fair amount every month on Fb games like Farmville, Miscrits, CSI, etc. because I feel like I am getting a decent deal and that I am not getting cheated by the game providers. If I spend more, I get more. I've yet to drop $100 at one time, but I've purchased $50 or more in a month, sometimes more than once. Last year my entertainment budget for games like this was several hundred dollars. I spent a few hundred on Wizards 101 alone.

          I'm sure as heck not going to spend it here until they fix the system to be at least fair, because I'm not going to cheat myself out of money and I won't bother to spend the time to do it a dollar at a time. I have spent money here, which is how I noticed the math fail (bug, suggestion, whatever). I won't be doing it again unless they fix the system. Which means anyone else who has a bit of common sense won't either. INCENTIVIZE is the best business plan, NOT penalize.