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  • Pay To Win

    The more cash you spend, the more stronger you will get. So basically this game is about players willing to waste money and compete with others who is willing to waste money also.

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    Well yea, in most games like this one it is that you pay and get advantages over others.
    Some people can afford to pay alot to the game while others cant.
    Where you cannot pay it will be hardwork and effort. no body can change that im afraid, games like this run on people that will pay to get more advantages.
    however it shouldnt be impossible to beat that at some point, just keep improving yourself, it should be possible even without paying! it will just take abit more time.


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      Hi, this game has a couple ways you can gain gold without spending a dime. You can use the free gold option. You can also use vouchers and buy a trade license that lets you access the market. You can list your unbound items for a small amethyst fee for a time on the market in your shop and they will sell for gold.

      So yes, it can be frustrating but everything can be done if you have patience and a knowledge of the game. Sometimes it's not outspending someone, it's outlasting them.
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        All games on the R2 platform are P2W. If people can afford to invest large sums of money into the game, they are rewarded with large bonuses. If the games didn't sell ingame bonuses, i doubt any of the developers could afford to keep their servers up.