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    Not sure where else to post this, but figured I would plop in a couple suggestions to possibly help improve game play.

    Lag issues. We all have them, and some things have already been done to fix it. However, the lag still remains. I noticed that there is at least 1 reason behind this that could easily be removed and hopefully not affect game play in a bad way.
    1. remove the scrolling top of screen. things coming up in world chat about people's spending is fine but when it scrolls top of screen, it creates a ton of lag. removing that might help reduce some of it.
    2. flower lag is still there. granted we have the new button to remove the flower shower, but as in idea #1, the scrolling top of screen should be removed to limit the lag further. even with the hide option, the lag still persists.

    people who cant afford to buy gold/recharge/etc should be allowed to claim all rewards in hot events. granted they would still NOT be allowed to use return gold to buy EVG items, but being able to accept all items in hot events when others spend might make the game more enjoyable for the non-cashers. I realize that yes, the game needs the spenders, but limiting what non-spenders are able to do will eventually only hinder the game instead of helping it. It hinders it because if non-cashers feel like they have no choice but to spend to get good items, they will quit playing rather than be inclined to eventually become cashers themselves.

    These ideas were not just my own but were also mentioned by others.

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    agrees about the lag and the other. if somebody hadn't gotten me vip i'd probably have quit playing and missed out on some friends i made and the stuff i've bought or earned.