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    r2 client seems to be a little unstable, as flash crashes every now and then. flushing chace has no effect, and I am not aware of a newer version of flash. is there any other steps to look into to help cure the occasional crashes of flash player?

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    R2 Client is based on Google Chrome. Does Google Chrome shows the same issue for you?
    Crashing once in a while is normal depending on your hardware, considering Google Chrome and R2Client consumes a reasonable ammount of RAM.
    Cleaning cache too often will make the game slower cause it needs to reload all temporary files again everytime you clean it.
    It's not possible to update flash player for R2Client cause it have a built-in flash player version installed just like Google Chrome.
    Flash Player updates might be available with new versions of R2Client.
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      sometimes google chorme flash crashes, but my hardware is fairly decent with an intel core i5 and a nivida GeForce gtx 950m with 2gb vram and 8 gb ram I don't think that should be too much of an issue,

      client still crashing and the browser seems mostly staable
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