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Known Scammers on Dragon Pal's servers. Please be aware and avoid them.

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  • Known Scammers on Dragon Pal's servers. Please be aware and avoid them.

    There are a few individuals out there trying to take advantage of Dragon Pal players.

    They are using the names R2VetX (X being a number 0-9) to attempt to rip players off. They are offering random services and in the process getting players to sign up for a mol account and then jacking it for their own benefit.

    Here is some information to help you avoid such scams.

    1. The only R2Vet accounts used are R2Vet1, R2Vet2, R2Vet3. Any others are not vet accounts.
    2. Vets are there to help you in game. They are not there to offer you a job. Nor are they there to get your passwords or login names.
    3. As it says in about 50 places R2 staff WILL NOT ASK FOR YOUR LOGIN INFO Or PASSWORDS. We have access to login certain characters when given permission and do not need their info even then.

    If you come across such player asking for account info, billing info or anything of the sort.

    Step 1: Screenshot the conversation and save it.
    Step 2: Stop talking to scammer.
    Step 3: File a ticket with screenshots and telling us what happened. Include server and their name.
    Step 4: Do a quick victory dance as the ban hammer falls on them.

    If you wish you may also use this forum post to advise us of these scammers.

    You need to ensure you protect your information, the responsibility ultimately falls on you! This includes not sharing your account with anyone. This is an offense that will result in your account being banned and if someone that you gave your account info deletes everything you worked for it is indeed gone forever. Please do not sell your account or post it as "For Sale" in internet forums. They will be banned as well with zero chance of ever getting it back.

    Thank you for your time and cooperation.

    R2Dionysus, your friendly neighborhood GM.

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    There are other vet names now but they will not be asking for your personal information, they will not be offering you free stuff, they will not be sending you links to visit to login and use your name and password. Use common sense, people. At no time will R2 staff of any ilk ask for your password. They don't need it.
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      Players need to be aware that scammers are in the game and saying that they are moderators for other games and seeking information from players. They are not part of R2 games and if contacted by these scammers, please take a screenshot and post it in the forums so we can ban the players.

      Your account safety is important to the DP team and we want the players to be safe in our game.
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