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Server merge thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    pls let us merge


    • I will have to stand with Erinnyen in regards to S41 (f/k/a S134 Goblin's Gully, S131 Blistery Tundra (US EAST). We have been asking and begging for a merger for the past few years and our voices have been ignored. We may have five (5) guilds listed on S41, however only two guilds are mostly active.

      Since S131 opened, I've watched many people come and go, sadly as of late, I'm seeing more and more people stop playing the game. And for those that do play the game, we do lose out on many rewards as Erinnyen has mentioned.

      Normally, I would have added my own thread under this section, but since this situation has been getting rather dire, I have attached it to Erinnyen's. Since S41 is way past due for a merger, I will suggest to those active players continue to add to Erinnyen's thread. Maybe you may see how dead this server has become from being neglected.
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      • yes we have needed a merge for a long time. many have left because of the lack of a merge and the belief that we are ignored.


        • Server 41 is down to about 20 active players this is getting rediculous. We never get the rewards and this means we don't stand a chance in IM, CSC, TC or Duel. I will not be spending any more money on this game till we get a merge and if it doesn't happen soon I will join the ranks of those who have quit this game. Please fix this now.


          • 170/75 (Nightfall Steppes) complex is down to five active guilds (and one that stays in the battle grid on its old wealth.) If there's another struggling server in US-East we'll gladly have them.
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            • (S174) Radiant Sea US West


              • US East S1 Dragon Valley really needs a server merg we are own to 3 active guilds. Alot of people have quit playing due to boredom. Need new events or a update to bring them back. ty MissPugs Guild Leader for EVER.


                • What is the point of this thread? When was the last, actual server merge? 2 years ago? There's been an obvious need for several servers to merge for quite a long time, and yet, nothing happened.