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Server merge thread

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    Originally posted by R294399073 View Post
    server 153 again. we have abided by your rules for requesting merge. Started asking in july 2014 when server started dying. (using this thread like you asked). now it has been 4 months and no merge. Server is more or less dead. (ask any of the vets who have visited). yet servers that have started after us have merged at least once. can i get a straight answer on this. (no more oops, sorry's, next time and oops again). in fact give a vet all the info and have him visit kiwi on city of swords. (i know you wouldn't show up)
    posting in the server merge thread is merely a request for a server merge.... merging or not merging servers is up to the devs. for what ever reason, S153 is not merged and as for the reason why, its not known to the staff as the devs have not given a reason and may not give a reason why.

    it is possible that the server may not be able to be merged, something I have seen in other games where a issue with a server or the coding, means that it can not be merged without creating major issues, so that is a possiblity
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      [S163] Razorcliffs (Oceanic)
      i know this server is pretty new but trust me is dead already, only 2 guilds active and quitting from both everyday. we can't even do guild battle anymore, none to fight


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        Please put Dragon's Lair (s67) in line for next merge. Only three guilds in GB this week.


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          (S163) Razorcliffs (Oceanic)
          This server needs to be merged but it's dead already after 2 weeks. Top player of this server already quitted and it's impossible to catch up without CSC too.
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            S2 Azure Coast requesting again.

            As one of the Vet (Came online after last week's TC) that had seek advice from an R2 staff (on the spot) and telling us to request for server merge and at the same time also if doing a server merge for our server meaning no CSC, IM.

            We do not mind that since its totally 1 Versus 10 servers (merged into one server) now for us.

            We lose in the benefits of hot events, we lost in the numbers of active strong players for Cross Server events, own closed TH with one team or two team each TH sessions etc etc. How much longer do we ALSO paying players had to suffer from such treatment?
            Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

            Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?


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              s148 / s29 * the merged server name * only 2 active guilds and alot of the 2nd guild are bored because they dont win and are quiting
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                server 153 (east coast) city of swords. TY


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                  Server 29 Europe ( merged server of 133 - 148 )
                  Only 2 guilds on the server and well a lot are quitting because its the same guild winning GB and we are not DEAD server as in no one plays but we are a DYING server and its sucks :/ we need to get a merge before we are a DEAD server and everyone had quit
                  Even if its with the best server or a new one .. we just want a full active Server
                  TH is 2 or 3 groups , its good because then you got more chance of winning but its not the best thing for lower ones that just get left there on there own because server doesnt have many players
                  Thanks a lot ThekingMen - Pheonix s148
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                    merge server 16 [s90] Valley Of Dreams (Europe) only 4 guilds in guild battle but only 3 active


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                      we need to merge, because our server was quiet and we all need CSC

                      server 164
                      IGN: _LordKyu_



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                        [131] Blistery Tundra (US East)
                        Many players quit or inactiv XD


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                          [S158]Sundered Peaks US West

                          Seriously, there's about 20 active players, but a million alts. Four people frequently show up for DI. It's dyin'.


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                            [S163]Razorcliffs (Oceanic) Needs merge a.s.a.p. ! The both actives guilds are gonna die more and more. And CSC too!



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                              s157 us east needs a server merge as only 2 main guilds an losing guilds all the time. merge asap. stop opening new servers


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                                S157 Blackheath District