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Amethyst Bomb

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  • Amethyst Bomb

    Looking for a way to gain a bunch of amethyst real fast? Then i have the solution for you plant Ultimate Amethyst Vine on your farm only takes an hour to be done so lets do the math say you have ten spots on your farm well, 10 x1,800 (per plant)= 18,000 for ten plants but when you harvest you get 13,500 for just one so 10 x 13,500 = 135,000 so that means 135,000 (gain) - 18,000 (cost)= 117,000 (profit) and only takes 1 hour so once more lets say you plant and harvest for a whole day 24 hrs thats 117,000 x 24 hrs =2.808,000 for just 1 day!!! so do that for a couple days or everyday and u will get an Amethyst Bomb lol

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    and after 5 or 6 days , you dead , because you have no sleep ...
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      +1 to the above post lol


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        Lol mino was just putting it out there u dont have to do it all day everyday just was crunching numbers so ppl could see it was worth it


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          forget that !!just do DI!!

          and buy my purples!!!