'Please file a ticket for your issue' is an often response from our moderators on some questions. Sometimes player cant file a ticket or dont know how to do it, this guide is supposed to help you with doing it.

1. Support information can be open in different ways
From main R2 site
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From in game
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Open link http://www.r2games.com/support/

After browsing through articles, which are closest to your issue(For example, Game Issues->Items & Rewards-> Missing Items), if you dont find solution for your problem you press submit a ticket
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You should see this window
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next step is

2. Select a game
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If you are going to use this guide for different game then select corresponding.

next is
3. Select a server
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If you select game and server right, the name of your character will be loaded automatically. If you have more than one character on same server, you will need to select or specify name of character.

4. Very important step
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E-mail is very important in resolving your issue thorugh ticket. Better to use gmail account or similar.
Your email should be existing, you should have access to it, if you input your email and green checkbox doesnt appear on right side of this field, you need to provide another email.
Dont forget to check spam and junk folders for ticket messages.

and next important step is
5. Select a category and subcategory
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Filling right category and subcategory will mean that it will be received by specialist which is used to resolve such issues and you will be able to receive help for it faster.

Lets look each category and subcategories linked to it in detail
Game has following subcategories:
Missing items
For issues when your items disappeared from your inventory or warehouse.
Missing rewards
You are/were eligible for some rewards but couldnt claim it or claimed it and didnt receive it.
Event issue
You cant access event or it doesnt work for you. Remember that there is a level requierement for some events.
Character issue
For issue with your character which dont fit any of above.
Connection problems
If you cant connect to our game even after reseting you cache, cookies, flushing DNS and rebooting router/modem.

Billing has following subcategories
VIP issues
For all problems with your VIP.
Unreceived purchase
If you recharge and your money was taken from your account, but you didnt receive purchased gold.

Account has following subcategories:
Banned account
For resolving issues of banned accounts.
Hacked account
For issues when your account was hacked
Account retrieval
For issues when you lost access to your account. It may require detailed information about things connected with you account.

Rules and ToS is used for reporting other players and has following subcategories:
Inappropriate language
As it says for cases, when someone use inappropriate language in world chat.
Verbal abuse and offense are going into this category.
Real-life threats
Very serious issue, if someone use threats against you, report it immediately.
If you know and have a proof that someone is cheating or hacked our game, please report it.
Third-party programs
For cases, when you know and have a proof of someone using third-party programs(autoclickers, for example).

Next is
6. Subject, Message and Screenshot(s)
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You can also use this guide https://r2games.desk.com/customer/po...al---greenshot to make a screenshots

7. Capcha
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If all done right you will see such message
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