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GUIDE: How to speed up MP runs.

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  • GUIDE: How to speed up MP runs.

    Due to all players being from areas with different internet speed, and players having computers as old as 5+ years,
    The game may lag for one player and be very fast for another.

    Recomended: the player with the fastest pc and conection leads the mp runs.
    1.the MP room is made and players get in
    2.those players who are not leader, set their auto prepare
    3.said players minimize their browsers
    4.leader waits 10seconds and starts the runs

    Ive personally tested this and it works everytime.
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    If 2 or 3 players are strong enuff to knock down the monsters every time, it is much faster to use low lvl nymphs. That way u don't have to sit thru useless nymph attacks b4 u start the killing. Just deploy a lower nymph. No tears necessary.


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      Actually there are 2 diffrent things that makes the game slow, and most of people attributes the problem to their connection when its just the PC that is not powerfull enough.
      Slow connection will take longer to load things (Loading Material Resources...) and will make the player disconnect often. But the so called "lag", in most of the cases is just the slow animation caused by the lack of RAM in the computer.
      To know if your problem is really your connection try this (windows users only):
      - Close all other windows and tabs for test
      - Load the game on Internet Explorer (or refresh it if already open)
      - Put the game speed in the max (I know for most of the people it dont change anything)
      - Prepare to start your MPs (preferably solo for test)
      - And finally reduces browser zoom to 25% and try it
      If you continue experiencing the same lag, then definately its your connection.

      Browser zoom at 25% will look like that, its enough to click on the mobs and bosses :P
      Click image for larger version

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