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Soul system - enchanting

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    For Character Soul, took me 31,040 for 20-21!


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      Originally posted by R253087037 View Post
      Trying to write down numbers and didn't see any numbers for char or dragon for 16-17 or 20-21. anyone have those numbers?
      Probably just missed it, it happens.
      Originally posted by Eoncho View Post
      character lvl 16-17: 10862
      dragon lvl 16-17: 10439
      My dragon is named Shimmy

      Server: 125 Silent Reef in US East region | Mage | unretired
      Lvl 59 | 3.72 mil BR | 700k Dragon | L.120, 22 Star Illustria, 738k BR

      Server: 170 Nightfall Steppes in US East region | Mage |
      Lvl 69 | 9.849 mil BR | 3.968 mil Dragon | L.130, 23 Star Gloria, 2.290 mil BR


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        so this nymh soul thing is max at 23 i think?, the upgrade button is not highlighted. my question is what to do with the extra soul stone? is gonna be just for amethyst?
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          well, like most things when they are max'd, there is nothing to do with them. maybe, eventually, there will be an upgrade to game and they will raise the caps for everything as they have done in the past. so your choices are saving them or selling them. I've got them just hanging out, taking up space in my backpack, waiting for that day.
          S1 US EAST
          (S22 Lost Caverns)