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  • Item Calculator

    I've created a new tool which is pretty convient.

    This new tool is a calculator which is calculating the needed items for when you level up to the next ten level range (e.g. 40-50, 59-60, and so on)
    You can enter all the items you have and also the coins.
    These items will be taken into account like when you convert em.

    If you have any remarks or suggestions for improvement, let me know

    Equipment Calculator

    [DE Server] [S17 Schattenwüste] Volfield Lvl 75 - 6.37m BR

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    Equipment grade which is after Legendary called Mythic not Epic.
    Suggestion for improvement- make selection of evolution/conversion for each type of equipment(red/blue/yellow).
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      Thanks for the hint with the name of the grade.

      Could you please explain the suggestion more in detail?

      [DE Server] [S17 Schattenwüste] Volfield Lvl 75 - 6.37m BR


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        For example, i have purple and blue set on lvl 110 and yellow set on lvl100, so it would be good if there would be selcetion of level for each set instead of just one level selection.


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          Ah okay got it.

          It's certainly doable but that would mean to completely re-design the calculator in terms of backend and frontend.
          I'll note it down and see what I can do

          [DE Server] [S17 Schattenwüste] Volfield Lvl 75 - 6.37m BR