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  • Battle Rating

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to maximize my battle rating per level. I sit around high-average most of the time; however, I see players three levels lower than myself, with 2-4k higher battle rating.

    I have checked Dragon Orbs, it's not that, mine are usually about the same or better.
    Nor is it Gems. I'm already upgrading my Gems to level 5, and most people still have only level 4 Gems.
    My equipment quality is also maxed for my level (outstanding)

    My equipment stats are pretty high as well, I don't see how I could squeeze more out of refining my equipment. I have PATK, CRIT, END, MDEF, PDEF, STR, most of which are level8-10, with a couple of level 6 stats which I need to upgrade.

    I can see why somebody might have slightly higher battle rating than mine, but for somebody 3 levels lower to have 3000 more battle rating is baffling me...

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    What specific equipment do you have and are they converted to Purple grade? I thought I had the full 30 set, but until I got the ones from the first MP Dungeon all over again, my BR didn't break 20k. (-_-)

    Another thing, do you have the Delicatus and Guirnus dragon morphs? If so, do you have them maxed out to your level on your attack, HP, etc?


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      Make sure you buy the dragons and morph and then, importantly, upgrade EACH dragon's stats. They are all cumulative even when you only can have two equipped.

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        Best gear for the level, when I posted this. All dragons upgraded, had 3 yellow and 3 purple orbs, all level 4. Level 2 wings.
        I would need to see the gear (in the refine function, to be able to see the stats) to compare and figure this out.


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          Im at 26k br. idk how its calculated, but hp is obviously divided. and i have all 3 dragons morph


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            8k matk, almost 6k mdef 5k pdef 30k hp


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              What does that mean, upgrade each dragon's stats? Does that mean to upgrade all 5 stats?


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                Originally posted by RougeWarrior_49 View Post
                What does that mean, upgrade each dragon's stats? Does that mean to upgrade all 5 stats?
                You buy the dragons in the shop or gather the shards to morph a couple special ones once you reach level 50 and then you click morph and upgrade the stats.
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