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Warrior Guide [What to pick]

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      Made it to lvl 3 hero tower with the following:

      Grace - Barbarian - Force Field- God Shield - Safeguard
      Grace - Barbarian - Force Field- Titan - Safeguard

      All Perfect armor that had max Enchant

      Gems: All lvl 4
      4 sets of: PATK - HP - CRIT DEF
      2 sets of: PATK - HP - MDEF
      2 sets of: PATK - HP - PDEF
      2 sets of: PATK - MDEF - PDEF

      You also have the dragons which I used to equalize the stats
      The refining is super expensive in either gold or vouchers so anytime I got anything 8 or over, I kept it as long as it wasn't MATK or INT

      It was quite easy for me to make it to lvl 99 using different combinations of the above but the crit ALWAYS killed me from the 100 floor boss so I went with this setup to get past him.

      Once you reach lvl 60, add the Mountain Orbs and you become a force to recon with. Of course you won't be able to beat those who are HIGH cashiers or a few lvls above you but you will beat just about everyone else. Also, in PvP Cages, once you reach lvl 60, you may want to sub one Mountain for an Assassin orb. It seems to work but that can be my imagination LOL.

      Once you "Cast" your armor to Legendary, you will have an extra gem slot. Simply put:
      Half: PATK - HP - CRIT DEF - MDEF
      Half: PATK - HP - CRIT DEF - PDEF

      If you are in a Guild, use all 3 buffs. True the Intelligence Buff adds INT that you don't need but it also adds extra MDEF which is something you do need and at a very cheap price.

      The most important thing, in my opinion, is that a warrior never gets hit by a CRIT. With this build, you are on your way to a no crit warrior.

      Warriors do best when they fight a defensive battle
      Archers do best when they fight an offensive battle (Archers are the hardest toon to develop)
      Mages, until lvl 60 are your best all around toon either in offense or defense. They usually rule before lvl 60, after that, developing them becomes hardest since the warrior and archers true color is now showing.

      One more important piece of advice, lvl means very little in this game, it's the BR that makes or breaks your toon no matter what class it is.

      PS Wings are very important in this game. I had my lvl 3 wings by the time I hit lvl 55.

      I am what may be call a low to medium cashier but with patience, a low cashier can use this post also. I made a lot of mistakes that cost me but if you plan early, low cashiers can easily use this guide.
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        i m noobs in this game, and wish to know how to get full set of equipment lvl30?
        i m currently lv36 in S19.

        Hope can email to or msg me.
        Thank you..


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          Originally posted by R221872166 View Post
          i m noobs in this game, and wish to know how to get full set of equipment lvl30?
          i m currently lv36 in S19.

          Hope can email to or msg me.
          Thank you..
          You're able to get the left side from MPs -- Dungeon Lobby.

          The right side, you gain dragon coins(the blue coins) from Devil Melee as well as Treasure Hunt. Treasure hunt -- you get 15 attempts per day, and there are 2 sessions of TH. I would advise finding a higher br to bring you around so you're more likely to get coins. Once you acquire those coins, go to your inventory, click use, and buy the gear that's in the Arena Shop.

          To gain gear for your middle gear (Ring and necklace), you'll need Magic Coins(yellow coins). you have to do Demon Tower every day. To get further along the levels, I suggest using potions. For Warrior and archers - use strength pots, Int helps with mdef and matk if you're a mage. Use the magic coins in the crypt shop to obtain gear.

          Hope this helps
          -Any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me directly.

          Payments issues? File a ticket