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How to Play from the Iphone [TUTORIAL**

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  • How to Play from the Iphone [TUTORIAL**

    Hi everyone!
    If you are wanting to play Dragon Pals from your Iphone there are two different methods of doing this.
    1st way.
    you can use a remote connection form your phone to control your computer
    I use
    once you have an account on there it is free to control your computer from other computers but the Iphone App will cost you about 26 dollars in the app store.

    2nd way.
    In the App store on the Iphone there is an app called Puffin Browser it is blue with a bird on it
    this app enables flash games to be played directly from the iPhone as if it were on the computer
    it will cost you 2.99 you can try it before you buy it for a week if you get the free version of puffin browser to see if you like it.

    Just beware Playing from your phone will be slower than on the computer based on your cellphones data connection and speeds.. and there will be a small lag with either method but enjoy and have fun doing events from other places than your house!

    There are other apps and other ways i have not used or tried , one of them is Photon Browser. and there are lots more the ways I have posted are ones I know will work.

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    Thank you, I have pinned this.
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      So just for the I Phone or can this be use from any mobile device or smart phone? This would benefit me since most of the major daily events happen while i'm at work.
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        For Puffin browser I've been using it for quite sometimes and it's free. However there's one shortcoming from this app is that you cannot chat while browsing with it and the resolution does not match the game resolution so it will crop a portion of your right screen. Other than that it works fine as long as you got at least 3G connection.
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          @trigger27: i just tested it on android phone with FlasFox, since my free puffin expired, and it works, just that its slower, and a bit laggy compared to a pc.


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            Teamviewer is an awesome app that is free that u can download on your computer and then use your iphone to use your computer that way and it works on the Ipad too. thats what i do when i am out in the oilfields and it works great and its not that bad at laging just depends on your connection speed.