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  • need mage guide

    can someone pls make a mage guide ... and is mage a good class ? can mage win againts archer and warriors in the long run ?

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    There's a mage skills guide here.

    All classes are "good" classes. At some point in time, the descriptions for each class given by R2 seem pretty true for classes around the same level/BR.
    -Archers can debuff people nicely and usually have good damage because a common build is high crit, but they're not very tanky
    -Warriors have high defense because of their shield, but they can also do a lot of damage and can make others take damage from hitting them with a skill
    -Mages have heals, but they're also good for damage. A skill they have called "thunder" is pretty much another attack, and doesn't seem to be affected by Archer's disarm. They also use magical attack, compared to the other two classes who use physical attack--This means they usually attack using an attribute that the other players have to specifically gem/work for.

    In the long run.. It depends where you're fighting. If it's the arena, then as long as it's a heavy hitter who is fighting you, the mage, they will probably be able to beat you. (Everyone does so much damage, it's pretty much whoever gets first hit will get to win the fight.) But you will also be able to beat them.

    If it's in the Demon Invasion.. It depends on who's using more vouchers, and who's actually attacking.

    If it's in raw damage for the guild event.. It depends on whether you spend most of your time in death cd waiting to respawn, or fighting from mob to mob. (And whoever lags less)

    If it's in the treasure hunt.. It kind of depends on the rest of your party too. A well built party of average players can still take down the top player who is with weak people, even if he has double their BR.

    Overall, if skills are use properly, any top player should be able to kill each other, even 20k BR or so apart. Sometimes it's luck too. If you really want to "win against everyone else in the long run"... Mall hard. xD Otherwise you'll have to take your fair share of losses too, just like the average player.


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      ok thx and what about dragon orbs and gems ..... and why is dragon orb orange so hard to get is it only by luck or is there a technique in getting em ?


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        For dragon orbs and gems.. It really depends what works for you the best. Some mages will tell you "this is the best", but I've seen mages use all sorts of gem patterns.

        The most popular gem pattern on the server that I play seems to be: MATK, CRIT, HP, PDEF (assuming 4 socket. If only 3 socket, then choose between hp or pdef)
        Other mages forgo crit and just use MATK, and a variation of DEF gems. (Crit Def, Mdef, Pdef) or even HP

        For Dragon Orbs.. Definitely get orange orbs if you can, but just like gems it also kind of depends on what you like. I highly recommend getting the following at least, though: 2x MATK orb (Orange name: Genius)

        Other orbs you can consider are the following: (You can equip two more every 10 levels of your dragon, and you can put orbs on both of your dragons too!)
        -Force Field
        (Reduces Damage taken by a percentage. At level 5, Reduces damage received by 10%, increases by 150 per level)
        (Increases PDEF. Really good because as a mage you generally lack more PDEF than MDEF--you have an MDEF passive skill. At level 5, PDEF+750, increases by 150 per level)
        -God Shield
        (Increases MDEF. Good because lots of bosses are magic attack power based, and mage is also usually a popular class-- so you need to defend against. At level 5, MDEF +750, increases by 150 per level)
        (Increases CRIT. Good if you want more crit, but if you also want to forgo crit, then this defeats the purpose. At level 5, CRIT+750, increases by 150 per level)
        (Increases the amount of damage you do when you crit. Only useful if you have a lot of crit. At level 5, increases crit base damage by 15%, increases by 3% a level. Some people don't like this one because they'd rather focus on their defense, and don't have room to equip this with their limited number of orb space)
        (Chance to make an incoming attack reduce to 1 damage--Essentially evasion. At level 5, 6% chance to ignore damage. Increases by 1% a level. Some people don't like this one because it relies on luck too much, but it can make a difference sometimes.)

        And yeah! Others are cool too, play around with it. If you're going for PVP (which is what you sound like you're interested in), it will most likely change depending on what kind of players you have on your server.

        Orange is harder to get for some people and easier for others. I have a friend who lags terribly, but probably lags at just the perfect timing to get a lot of orange orbs. For me, I had a tough time getting them until I reached VIP4, and used the 1-click collect. It burns money away fast, but it's pretty much an auto clicker. For me, the 1-click collect gave more than manual clicking, and for my friend--manual clicking worked better. I can't really say. For sure, it helps to have a lot of amethysts. You can always trade dragon orb points for the orbs you need.

        EDIT2: I forgot to add that most people usually keep extra orbs in their inventory and swap them around depending on the situation.
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          If you look at your socket panel in blacksmith, at the bottom it will tell you "Recommended gems: MATK, HP" so for gems and orbs you already know 2 type you must use.
          After level 50, Mages have a passive of regening HP %, so the most HP they have, the higher the regen will be.
          Most Mages have MATK and HP orbs and gems for sure, then they switch between crit (for more damages), PDEF, MDEF or crit def gems (to survive longer).

          Orange orbs aren't that hard to get, just need a lot of amethysts. There is a guide on the forum about a technic to get orange orbs for sure if you want to try. Otherwise I would advise to save around 3-5 millions of amethysts and spend almost them all on orange orbs in one go. But it depends highly on luck... Yesterday morning for example, with 3 millions I got 5 orange orbs, a guildmate before me with 7 millions didn't get any. Can be quite random.

          Mages are a good balanced class. With Thunder (you must always have this skill on) they deal extra damages that isn't affected by anything (Mountain orb ignores damages for example, it will ignore the damages of the first attack of the mage, but not the Thunder damage). This skill is a great advantage compared to the two other classes.
          Then they have a passive regen HP and Heal... which means they'll live longer, can endure more damages. That makes them a class that is good at everything... Good at dealing damages, at supporting, at surviving, even at tanking if your mage is well-built.
          Like rainysui also said, they use MATK. 3 classes, 2 PATK ones, 1 MATK one... Mages with their high INT will have natural good MDEF, so they can focus mainly on PDEF, but the two other classes will have to work harder to up their MDEF, but will also still need to up their PDEF, which makes it a bit harder/more annoying for them.


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            really helpful guide thx so much