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Is Lucky coins all luck??

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  • Is Lucky coins all luck??

    I need to know tips on how to obtain nice reward from the wishing there any technique??

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    The wishing well is all a chance of luck.
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      Its a game of chance. I haven't been so lucky. Got excited for getting X200 Golden Feather though.
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        Pure luck with the RNG.

        Regan's only 15 minutes late.


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          idk it NOT LUCK, lol

          i'm on s4 + 8.. and they seem to sync with each other if player wish on the same time.... there were multi wining in both sever IN ORDER of lucky win other it must be awesome coincidence!!!!!!


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            i think not much luck but need much lucky coin,, if just spend 10 lucky coin it's not much work,, need 20 or 100 lucky coin will be work,,,


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              It really is all luck I've literally gotten wings out of the well with 1 coin while my partner had to make over 1000 wishes no is no trick to getting good rewards you can make 5000 wishes and get nothing you really want or you can make 5 and get everything you want its just luck.


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                to my opinion everything I got from the well is lucky items. ^^ it seems to know what I need most (feathers when i need it, smetimes gems, outfit surprises me since i was hoping for a life crystals).
                I just save my 100 point reward for 10 days and just throw them all at once.