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Blacksmith 101

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  • Blacksmith 101

    Welcome, today we're going to look at what the Blacksmith menu is, what is available, and get into some detail about how to use each menu. One thing to remember: this menu is by far the most important aspect of advancing in the game. Dragon orbs are wonderful and do give significant bonuses, but without all of the gem, enchantment and conversion bonuses to go into your gear, those orbs aren't going to carry you very far! This menu will help you upgrade your gear, enhance your gear, bring your gear up to the next tiers, and gem your gear. After you're done with the gear, then you can increase the quality of almost any item you collect in the game; gems, potions, scrolls, crystals, and more. Then, when you've finished with your MPDs, you can actually break down the gear you don't need and use the results to increase the quality of the gear you do use. So, now that you've been told all of this, let's begin:

    Bottom Menu:
    Click image for larger version

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    The 4th icon in from the left is the Blacksmith menu, this is where all the action begins!

    Click image for larger version

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    Enchanting is the screen use to increase the base stats of a piece of gear. Each time you enchant your gear will get stronger, and you'll get a +# next to the name of the item letting you know how many times you've successfully enchanted it. One very important thing to note about Enchanting: each time you go up a tier (lvl 20, lvl 30, lvl 40, etc) you will be able to enchant the item to a higher amount. Your beginning items will be upgradable to +3, lvl 30 items to +9, lvl 40 items to +18, and so on.

    1) This is the item you have chosen to Enchant.

    2) Enchantment Stone, there are 9 levels of Enchantment stone each giving a +X% bonus to Enchanting success equal to it's level. Level 1 Enchantment Stone = +10% Level 9 Enchantment Stone = +90%

    3) The cost, in Amethyst, to Enchant your gear. This cost will increase with each successful attempt and you will have to pay that amount every time you try to enchant even if it's a failure, so be careful that you have enough Amethyst to enchant with.

    4) Success rate, this will decrease by 10% on each successful attempt to enchant your gear to a minimum of a 10% chance. As a VIP 3 or higher you can receive a bonus to Enchanting success up to a bonus +25%.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Socket.jpg
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    Socketing is where the personalization of each class begins. This is where you go to socket Gems into the gear you have. Each piece of gear starts with 2 slots that you can gem, as you increase the quality of the gear you own it is possible to open up all 4 slots (this happens when a piece of gear reaches Legendary). Gems increase Matk, Patk, Crit, HP, Mdef, Pdef, and CritDef, the more of one gem you have the higher the bonus you receive, however you can only have 1 type of any gem on a piece of gear (You cannot socket 2 Patk gems to your weapon for example). At the bottom of this window you will notice a "Recommended Gems" note, this is just a tip, you will find that using a personal set of Gems will help you play your character how you like. More Def gems for a tank type, more Atk gems for an aggressive play style.

    1) This pane shows you what gems you have equipped currently.

    2) This allows you to remove gems if you want to replace them, this does not cost you anything.

    3) This window tells you what your Gem level is (gem level is the total of all your gem levels combined). For people who have purchased the Angel wings this number is very important: as you increase the level of the gems you have equipped you will also increase the tier of the Angels wings. Angel wings > Level 90 gem total = Faerie wings > Level 120 gem total = Dragon Wings, etc.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Synth.jpg
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    This is where you improve the quality of almost every item in the game. From Gems, to Potions, to Scrolls, to Enchantment Stones, to Sacred Shards, all of them can be upgraded here. The one thing that stays the same no matter what item you upgrade is: it takes 4 of an item to increase it to the next level. 4x Lvl 1 Enchantment Stone = 1x lvl 2 Enchantment Stone, 4x Advanced XP Potion = 1x Superior XP Potion, etc. Be warned though, sometimes it's better to keep multiples of a lower level item rather than upgrading them since you will receive a bigger benefit in the long run (XP scrolls would be an example of this)

    -This is also where you'll take your dragon shards to synth them and get new skins!

    1) This window will show you what you have available to Synthesize and how many. If it's green you can synth, otherwise keep collecting.

    2) These two windows show you what you are going to gain from Synthing and what you are using to Synth (in this case I'm using 4x lvl 1 Strength Potions to make 1x lvl 2 Strenght Potion)

    3) This area allows you to Synth multiple times with 1 click and also shows you the total cost of Synthing/ The more items you Synth, and the higher tier of item, the higher the cost.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Refine.jpg
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    This tool is probably the most expensive, but is potentially very rewarding. Refining allows you to take the bonus attributes of a piece of gear (the green stats under where your gems are shown when you hover over a piece of gear) and change them to something new or better. Refining will give a random stat (Str, Int, End, HP, Patk, Pdef, Matk, Mdef, Crit, Critdef) at a random level (lvl 1 - lvl 10). Each time you click Refine you will get a new set of stats, the goal is to try to get lvl 10 of the stats that are most important to you, THIS CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE.

    1) This shows you the original stats and the new stats rewarded, you will only see the stats on the right side AFTER you click Refine.

    2) This is the cost to Refine, you will be charged this every time you click refine. The button "Swap Skills" is how you choose to keep the new skills that were awarded.

    3) "Locking" you can lock certain skills so that when you Refine they do not change (the lock icon to the left). To lock an item costs Refining Stones, Gold Coins or Vouchers, YOU WILL BE CHARGED EACH TIME YOU CLICK REFINE.

    Click image for larger version

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    Converting an item is how you increase the quality of the gear you wear. The levels are Normal, Excellent, Outstanding, Perfect and Legend. Each time you convert an item it costs you Purple Shards/Crystals (weapon set, the 4 items on the left), Blue Shards/Crystals (Relic set, the 4 items on the right) or Yellow Shards/Crystals (Ring set, the 2 items on the bottom). The higher the level of the item the higher tier crystal you will need, the amount of crystals will increase as the level of the item does (lvl 30 = 20/40, lvl 40 = 40,80,160), the higher level of the item the higher tier it can reach: Lvl 20 = Excellent, lvl 30 = Outstanding, etc. Each time you convert an item to a higher tier you will also receive a new bonus stat to the item (the green text under the Gem Slots when you hover over the item). Lastly: if every item in a set (Weapon set, Relic set, Ring set) is the same quality you will receive a "Set Bonus" which can be seen at the bottom of the tool tip when you hover over the item.

    1) The item you wish to convert is shown here

    2) The item needed to convert as well as how many of this item are needed.

    3) The result of a successful conversion is shown here, you can preview the new upgrade before clicking Convert (You will also notice that the color of the boarder changes with each conversion: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Evolve.jpg
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    As you level up you will notice that your gear needs to do the same, time to Evolve. By Evolving an item you will increase it's level by 10 (from 10-20 then 30-40-50-60) you cannot evolve a lvl 20 item to lvl 30. To evolve an item you will need Sacred Stones (weapon set), Magic Stones (Relic set) or Sacred Moon Stones (Ring set). As you get to higher leveled items you will need more of these. Once you reach level 50 items you will then need Meteorites (lvl 50 or lvl 60) to evolve your weapons. Warning: When you evolve a weapon it will decrease by 1 tier (from Perfect to Outstanding or from Excellent to Normal).

    1) The item you want to Evolve.

    2) The items needed to evolve and the amount necessary.

    3) The result of the Evolve, you will see a new icon for the item, a new name for the item, increased stats, and a new tier description for Conversion.

    Click image for larger version

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    Many times when you are in a MPD you will receive gear that you cannot use, you can either sell these items in the Market or: Recycle them to help improve your current gear. When you recycle a piece of gear you will receive 5 or more shards/crystals that match the set it is from: Weapon Set = Purple, Relic set = Blue, Ring set = Yellow. NOTE: You will never get Relic or Ring set items from MPDs.

    1) This is where the items you can recycle will show up: Warning all items will show up here so if you have spare gear in your bags be careful of what you choose to recycle. (you will also notice shards/crystals show up in this window they don't do anything here)

    2) When you choose to recycle an item it will show up in this window. Clicking on an item in this window will remove it.

    3) The results of your Recycle attempt will show up here, this is a preview and will not happen until you click the Recycle button.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Cast.jpg
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    Casting is what you will use to upgrade your gear past lvl 50. As you can see it's going to be pretty much identical to how you Evolve, the only difference is that you will need a 3rd item, this being a Meteorite. Once you reach level 50 items you will then need Meteorites (lvl 50 or lvl 60) to evolve your weapons. Warning: When you evolve a weapon it will decrease by 1 tier (from Perfect to Outstanding or from Excellent to Normal).

    1) The item you want to Cast

    2) The amount of Meteorites you'll need to Cast, NOTE: there is more than one type of Meteorite, each one for the next tier of weapon after level 40.

    3) The amount of Crystals you'll need to cast

    4) The cost you will need to pay to Cast

    5) The final result, this is a preview and will not be in effect until you click Cast

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Transform.jpg
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    This is where you customize your Gems. As you get further in the game you will receive many gems (Demon Tower, Holy Lands, Solo-Instances), the problem is they are random gems, Transform will allow you to change these gems to fit your needs.

    1) This is where all of your NON-socketed gems will show up (socketed gems will not show up here and cannot be transformed until removed). It is possible to Transform in stacks, a new window will pop up asking how many you want to transform.

    2) This is where you choose what the gems will be transformed into, all possible gems are listed and they will only be of the same quality of gem you started with (lvl 2 - lvl 2, lvl 7- lvl 7)

    3) This is the cost to Transform: The cost will increase with the amount of gems you transform as well as with the level of gem you transform (it can get quite expensive at higher gem levels)

    Thank you to OwlEyes89 for the screenshots of Casting!

    I hope this guide helps, enjoy the game!

    Therv - S23 Dread Lair (US WEST)
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    Click image for larger version

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    Here you go It's pretty self explanatory, but if you need help, let me know. The photo above is for lv 50 equipment, while the one below is for lv 60 equipment.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 6.18.21 AM.png
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    -Any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me directly.

    Payments issues? File a ticket


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      when will you be updating this? it is awesome but needs new features added. It need Sanctify plz!


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        we try to update the guides as we can but we rely on the players help as we are very limited on time when it comes to the guides..... its why we do encourage the players to help update the guides but the information has to come from the R2 game only, as we have had issues with players using information from other versions of DP, which is strictly against the rules
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