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Seven Dragon Guide

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  • Seven Dragon Guide

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ID:	1739300The seven dragons icon will take you to a screen where you see seven dragons on a carousel. This is the realm of the Dragon guardians, They can be unlocked one at a time by those players brave enough to challenge the guardians. As you defeat each guardian, they will turn grey as stone for their life energy now flows through you, Dragon Warrior.

    As you battle each guardian, you can gain Heroes that will battle various mobs and increase your Summoner Level, Each challenge in the Seven Dragons requires the use of 25 stamina. Some levels will require you to Blitz your stamina to increase your Summoner Level. As you level, you will earn leadership points. Leadership points will determine how many Heroes you can equip, how far you can evolve them, and ultimately how well you'll do in the overall Seven Dragons event.

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    Navigating the Seven Dragons Window

    When you first open the event, You'll begin with the in game tutorial. It will walk you through the basics and if you need help with the seven dragons quest, the DP vets and mods are more than happy to assist. To begin your challenges against the guardians, you have to first assign a Hero to your Team. On the bottom right of your screen you will see five titles: Team, Hero, Upgrade, Evolve, Pick A Card, and Guide. You can click Team, Hero, Upgrade or Evolve to enter the Hero Card.

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    The Hero Card is the interface you will use to assign Heroes to your Team, where you'll level each Hero, and Evolve them to better quality. When you begin battling in Seven Dragons, you'll only have one Hero to assign to your team, but don't worry; other Hero Cards will drop as you challenge higher levels. To assign a Hero, you'll click the Team tab, and then put a check mark in the Hero you want to use.

    Upgrading Heroes
    You can level your Heroes with EXP cards. Click on upgrade on the bottom right, click the Hero you want to upgrade, click Consume Hero, and select the EXP amount you want to use. To get a Hero to level 20 requires only one level 1 EXP card. As the levels increase, the amount required will get greater.

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    Evolving Heroes
    Evolving Heroes will require various amounts and different levels of Jade. Your first Heroes will need to be level 20 before you can evolve them. Your first evolution will require 5 level 1 Jades and will increase your Hero level to 40. To evolve your Hero click the Evolve tab on the bottom right, select your desired Hero, and click Evolve.

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    Leadership Points
    You don't want to evolve your Heroes too early. You're only allotted a certain number of leadership points, and as you evolve your Heroes, they will require more points per Hero. So evolve wisely. Take into consideration group attacks, heal, and defenses of each one before making your decisions.

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    After you've assigned your hero you will close the Hero Card, and then click Challenge on the Guardian of the Black Dragon.

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    This will open a new window with possible rewards on the left, and 8 separate challenges on the right. You will use your team to battle demons. Successfully complete all 8 challenges to open up the Dragon Guardian. You can only do the first challenge until you pass 3 battles and a boss, once passed you can blitz that challenge. Each challenge completed gives you summoner experience and items that you can use to evolve your team like jades or even more heroes to use. The heroes are the small figure cards, the jades are the gem like cards.

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    Successfully complete all 8 challenges to open up the Dragon Guardian. You can only do the first challenge until you pass 3 battles and a boss, once passed you can blitz that challenge. You will be fighting with your heroes, rather than your normal character and your dragons.

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    As you battle through the different Seven Dragons Guardians, you will increase your overall skill level as the Summoner, and the levels of your Heroes. But beware, as you progress through each stage, the battles become much more difficult and will require a bit of strategy to make it work. Hero positions in the team will also become important, but don't be afraid to fail! Stamina isn't wasted on failure, only consumed when you succeed!
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