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:: Guide :: Free Gold Surveys

This is a sticky topic.
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    Yeah, balens is wartune, but the same thing applies. R2games doesn't offer support so they need to go back to the sponsor no matter the game they clicked from.

    Yeah, he's SOOOOOOO romantic

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      where did we get our gold in the email address.. yahoomail..facebook account.. where to get that ????


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        its suppose to show up on the dragon pals account that you clicked the free gold button on but if your having problems receiving it you'll have to contact the site u did the offer on. R2 does not offer any free gold support ive already tired asking a question about free gold and they told me they had nothing to do with it and to contact the site hat provided the offer.


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          hey hey i first dicoverd itin S50 ive done it for ages and it works for me
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            Îœy personal opinion is to stay away from these so called "free offers".
            It's is my years of experience with these services and they never and I mean never come through.

            They get the visits to websites and making people spend time & sometimes pay for nothing.

            Against my better judgement I tried Tokenads and as expected they insist I received my Gold coins when I received zilch. Nada. Zero.
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            Was fun while it lasted. On to bigger and better things.


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              Just bit of a warning for free gold surveys... Dont download stuff like programs or probably games(if it asked you to download). I did that once for 60 gold coins and i did everything what it told me to but nothing but there's one program thats being sneaky along with the program that survey is telling you to download. I honestly dont remember it but I do remember getting it. It's called basicserve.
              Basicserve is a hijacker browser that blocks you from searching on Google & Bing. Whenever you type. It just reveals the link and you cannot proceed on Google. I spent quite a hard time trying to get rid of it. Removing basicserve from remover programer DOES NOT HELP. It'll say that it's already been opened and cannot be uninstalled. But I finally discovered that they had place the file around program file.
              I'm just saying because some programs you shouldnt trust them. It's up to you though. Im just saying that you shouldnt go near programs. Nobody likes hijacking browser program.
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              • #22
                i have big problem with Token Ads, i already email that they said already give credit, but i never receive gold in game from them. it already 4 time case like this i received from Token Ads. can anyone help? because if from another Free Gold Surveys they sent it and i received


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                  If anyone has QUESTIONS on which sites are the best for payouts, ASK ME!!! I am an expert (I earn upwards of 4-500 gold a day).


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                    Originally posted by elangmanis View Post
                    i have big problem with Token Ads, i already email that they said already give credit, but i never receive gold in game from them. it already 4 time case like this i received from Token Ads. can anyone help? because if from another Free Gold Surveys they sent it and i received
                    TokenAds are the worst.
                    I attempted 1 free gold offer just to see why mine never work.
                    Super Rewards worked, SupersonicAds worked, TokenAds didn't.

                    Even after completing an offer that was supposed to give me 445 gold, and sending them screenshots of it, they insist I did not complete the offer.
                    I tried emailing them several times but they insist the offer is incomplete.
                    Then I received an email saying "congratulations your account has been credited with 445 gold coins" so I emailed again telling them " are you ****king kidding me? You insist I have not completed anything, then you send me an email that I got credited for the offer? "

                    Mind you, I never saw that 445 gold either.
                    Was fun while it lasted. On to bigger and better things.


                    • #25
                      nah I never had surveys worked, I've tried every surveys in every recommended sponsors, they just keep offering something over something, I had answered the best I could but they keep looping, making me wait, etc. etc. I never had any surveys completed and never had a tiny bits of gold from it, it's just hassle and there's stupid postal code that stupid survey didn't recognize and even it recognize my country it keeps looping all over again I'm tired for these offers they just keep injecting ads, and probably some malware lol

                      just saying, not to discourage you from free golds haha..

                      if you have something I'll listen. I'm from Indonesia, and my provider is Telkomsel.
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                        Great Guide like how you even add a contact option just in-case we do not get the gold.


                        • #27
                          It would be good if someone added to this guide: regions for each of sponsors(I'm in CIS region and it makes me really angry when after completing survey you receive: Sorry your country is not eligible for that or isn't in our database). Yes, also there is one offer that is doable only in my country, Thanks for that.


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                            I like that idea, apparently all the videos to be seen are only available on USA.
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                              videos work on indonesia too for ONE stupid view and for 1 worthless gc.

                              filling the surveys only BLOCKADED my email .....viagara offers, traveling to only GOD knows where offer, MALE.escort offer (*** do i look THAT lonely?!?), some even download offer (that i imidiately deleted!). bottomline is i never see the gold but i got spammed heavely by these surveys company!

                              lost my faith on any free whatchamalit ... rather spend little money on gold than have to send my komputer into the technitians because of spyware (happens once already), virus (happens 4x when my friend borrow my laptop), and some other malicius program (once I almost lost my account on a game company because someone put a program to steal my info (turn out the culprit only 12 y.o (GOD what did the society teach to nowadays kids)))


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                                Originally posted by malus1991 View Post
                                prince this is the forum page for Dragon Pals i think you're playing crystal saga, go post it on crystal saga forum page
                                I think balens are wartune lol.