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I have a few noob questions

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  • I have a few noob questions

    Hey first off I would like to say thanks in advance for any insight into answering my questions.

    To start off, I had a few 7 dragons questions:

    Generally speaking, what Heros do people use to get the white dragon? Do all have to be maxed purple cards (lvl 60)? I ask because I have been stuck on white dragon 3 levels before unlocking him for quite some time now. I am currently using healer (rock guy), lord of the flies, serpent guard, Mage (attacks all), and demon body guard. I also have outstanding centaur and warlord.

    About evolving dragons, I understand that all stats are cumulative, but is there an advantage to evolving the dragon you are using the highest? I have the black dragon at perfect and the green only at excellent. Does this also affect attack in addition to the tattoo levels?

    Is Grace a useless orb? It seems that the 4,500 HP (LV 5) is almost useless, save using it for Thor's Shield? Anyone have a good post about best orbs?

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    Generally speaking, people play around and just keep the team members they like the most/levelled the most in their team. I have seen many successful teams by players who have up to the purple dragon at the least. They don't have to all be purple if you make an orange instead or something. I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure I made a perfect(orange) instead of levelling everything to purple (could be wrong though, ice dragon was a long time ago for me)

    You can always check out this guy's blog he has on his 7dragon adventures:


    I believe there is no advantage to evolving the dragon you are using. Just evolve the ones you can afford to/cost the least resources per BR gained first, and that's generally the smartest thing to do. All dragons max at legendary (red) grade, and all tattoos max at level 20 (lv5 skill on dragons), so we'll all end up in the same place eventually, just the time it took to achieve different milestones will differ.


    I wouldn't say Grace is useless. When you are lv50 there is the Zodiac, and HP tends to give more BR than some other orbs, so could be helpful. Also for the 2nd demon tower (the Hero's tower), Grace might be useful to you the first time you want to clear it compared to some other orbs. (Ex: If you use Safeguard, it won't help you as much as Grace might in the 2nd tower) Those are just some random uses for Grace orb though. (I have 14 orb slots, 7 on each dragon, and am not using Grace yet. But for the final 2 orb slots when I hit level 80, I'm thinking of using Grace, but not sure yet.) All orbs max at level 10

    I feel orbs are more of personal preference. I'm also assuming you're a warrior because you mentioned shield, and I don't believe there are any super good posts regarding orbs for the warrior class, but you can do a search on the forums because there have been a few posts for mages/archers.