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VIP points (what you need to get to each vip lvl)

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  • VIP points (what you need to get to each vip lvl)

    VIP 1-2 2 points= 600 gold
    VIP 2-3 10 points= 3000 gold
    VIP 3-4 50 points= 15,000 gold
    VIP 4-5 400 points= 120,000 gold
    VIP 5-6 1000 points= 300,000 gold
    VIP 6-7 2000 points= 600,000 gold
    VIP 7-8 4000 points= 1,200,000 gold
    VIP 8-9 10,000 points= 3,000,000 gold
    VIP 9-10 20,000 points= 6,000,000 gold

    This does not factor in the points you get daily for VIP, or the points you get from buying year and month vip's. This post is for old servers....not updated to match new servers.
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