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Dragon Orb Stacking

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  • kohansey
    started a topic Dragon Orb Stacking

    Dragon Orb Stacking

    I was wondering which Dragon Orb effects stack. For instance, Mountain has a % chance of ignoring damage, if you have two level 5 Mountain orbs do their 6% chance combine to have a 12% chance of ignoring damage, or does the game just take the orb with the higher % and use that one. I am also asking about the Catatrophe orb with % Crit Base Damage, Force Field with reduced damage %, Nosferatu with 10% chance of healing, Saint with damage reduction, and Apocalypse with % damage wave. If someone could please comment on this, it would be appreciated.

  • thodoris83
    both add so with 2 level5 mountain you have total 12% chance of ignoring damage and its the same for all the orbs

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