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Character leveling up

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  • Character leveling up

    my charactor has 634% EXP build up after a week. cause i wanted to get my gear and medals better. i was wondering if when i level up.

    dose it up one level at a time or dose it go up all at once to the level i would be at with all that EXP?

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    it will level up one level at a time... your max stored exp is 1000% but its not 10 levels because each level requires more exp... any Exp over the 1000% is lost and not recoverable
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      what should i do to do more than 100% before i level up? i think its one way of slowing down levelling


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        To hasten the level up speed, hmmm... nothing much other than the following:

        1) 100% EXP on solo Instance + MP

        2) Using EXP Potion with Potion skill (30 Legendary)

        3) Planting EXP Fruits in farm (not much, but better than nothing)

        4) Hero Tower (Top 20 levels of hero tower can get you about 20M or 24M EXP - Forgotten the exact amount since I don't look out for it)

        5) Join all the daily events - DD, Pennies from Heaven, Trivia etc. (Tips: For DD, try to get a team of the same level as you for the best result of EXP reward and try use all 15 Attempts on Treasure Map)

        6) Using Gold Coins on giving blessing (Level up, Wedding, Battle Rating)

        Nothing much already I guess, someone can add on if I miss out other things :/
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