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Level to Summon Thunder and Holy Dragon

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  • Level to Summon Thunder and Holy Dragon

    A player told me that you can't even attempt to fight the Ancient Thunder Dragon, as well as the Ancient Holy Dragon unless you are a high enough level. Having both in my inventory at level 59, I knew that it was possible. So i wanted to show that there is not a level to earn them, only a level to summon them, which is level 60 for thunder and level 66 for holy.

    Here is the thunder dragon and holy dragon both in my inventory

    Click image for larger version

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    Here is the message you receive when you try to summon them when you are below the required level

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    there are summoner level restrictions that have to be reached in order to do some fights, I ran into some with the holy dragon, I think it was 82 or 84 and that was with the 3rd fight.... and its part of why I tell people to blitz the 7 dragons to get their summoner levels up there....

    I am summoner level 86 with leadership of 289, so I do not get the summoner level restrictions on my main character
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      Ya, I am aware of those restrictions, but the other player said because i am only level 59 i can't attempt to fight them.

      The arguments been resolved, but I'll leave this here so people know what level you need to be to summon them.
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