SO you want to create a guild and are not sure what is what in the guild ?

OK we will assume that you have created a guild for 10GC / 200K Amethyst....

This guild was created as a test server guild so it shows the guild from the guild masters point of view, guild members will not have all of the options shown in the pictures.

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Guild Info panel....

The wealth amount is how much wealth your guild has from contributions by members, the Fee is the cost per week of having the guild, you need to have the Fee in your guild vault every sunday for when the Fee is taken out. Failure to do that can result in the guild being restricted in some events and upgrading the guild, buildings and technologies, Failure to pay the Fee 2 weeks in a row will start the guild disbandment system, so keep a eye on the Guild wealth.

Upgrade CD is your Upgrade Cooldown where you can spend Gold Coins to end a cooldown time for upgrading the guild, buildings and technologies. The higher the levels of guild, buildings and technologies, the higher the cooldown cost.

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Guild Announcements is where you can post notices for the guild members.

Orange Buttons

Mange guild button is for Quick Invites,
Guild news is for activities in the guild such as players joining or leaving.
Guild List will for seeing other guilds
Applications is for dealing with people that apply to the guild.
Leave Guild is for leaving the guild.

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Guild contribution

A guild master and members will be able to see who have contributed to the guild each day, it resets each day.... It is also possible to see past contributions from other days using the past contribution button.

M.C is Member contribution ( current contribution that they can spend in the guild on technology or in the guild shop )
G.W is Guild Wealth
C.F is the Contribution Fund, the maximun contribution of amethyst per day
T.C is total contribution by a member for the day

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The Guild buildings can be upgraded to a maximum level of 10 and are paid for by Guild Wealth.

Academy: Where you unlock new levels of technology so they can be researched and made available for the members to learn.
Warehouse: This is the guild storage area where guild members can store items.
Guild Shop: members can purchase items from here
Battle Fort:

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Guild Technologies

Guild Members can learn skills here. Skills require Guild Contribution to learn, the skills need to be researched at the academy before players are able to learn them here.

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Strength is for Pdef and Patk ( Warriors and Archers )
Endurance is for HP / Life ( for all classes )
Intelligence is for Matk and MdEF ( mages )

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Guild Events

Holy Land:

This is a 20 level event where players face groups of 4 Demons and then a boss monster that they have to beat to gain access to the next level, Players can gain gem chests, Gem rewards and other items, they also collect Guild Wealth and Guild contribution for fighting the demons.

Guild Temple

Players can use the temple to gain extra experience and some minor contribution... Players need to click on the goddess globe to help boost the exp gains for the guild members that participate.

Guild Battle

The top 8 guilds battle it out each week for guild points and honourary titles that give a stat boost, the guild points can be used in the bravery shop ( top left corner of the guild battle window ) to buy items such as the vampire wings, korean clothing, snuggles dragon pet, lucky coins and other items.

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