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Defense vs HP

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  • Defense vs HP

    Is it more effective to stack m/p/c def or hp?

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    Both, if you stack only HP, the enemy will rip through your defenses and the HP will not amount to anything. If you stack on defense, you will still run out of HP. Best to do both at the same time, if you can.


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      my experience would say "Defense"

      but it probably depends a bit on your class and preferences

      One thing that is not situational/complex/subjective, is that gems are better at giving hp than orbs.

      Orbs give hp at 5 to 1 ratio, but gems give hp at almost 6 to 1 (compared to atk, mdef, pdef, cdef, crit)
      Which means that you should avoid HP orbs (Grace, etc), unless you already have 10 hp gems socketed and you STILL want more hp (not advisable IMO... so my opinion is just don't use hp orbs)


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        I personally use 10 HP gems, and two graces. Then again, I am a Warrior so the HP is very beneficial to me.


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          There seems to be a phenomenon in this game where two fighters with equal battle rating can have a close fight... and one player can add 10% to his BR, and then fight again... not even close now.

          For this reason, I would argue that any combination of "not stupid" gems/orbs will give a decent result. Tweaking your good stats for better stats, usually only has a small impact.
          So while it is fun to optimize, and there is a bit of a reward for you (maybe beating one more boss on demon tower, or beating someone with close to your BR).
          You don't need to stress big time over it if you don't want to.
          And that probably makes sense for a game like DP, you wouldn't want big spenders to be able to mess up their char too badly.

          I too am a warrior, and I used HP gems for a while, but recently have started to shift away from them, and I feel the result is better.

          At first I thought warrior got more benefit from HP than other classes (due to Thor's Shield), but as I thought about it, I think it is not true.

          I can explain why I think that, but I need to afk (my son is wanting attention).

          Okay so my claim is that Thor's Shield does NOT make hp any more valuable than it already is. I'm not saying HP is a bad choice, but I am saying Thor's Shield is not a good reason to choose HP.

          Imagine you must choose between a warrior with
          Warrior A: 10,000 hp and 50% mitigation (versus given opponent)
          Warrior B: 5,000 hp and 75% mitigation (versus same opponent)

          Without thor's shield, these two warriors will take damage exactly the same way (if you watch health bar).
          Warrior B will take half the damage (since they are taking 25% damage instead of 50%), but they also have half the HP, so they will die in the same number of hits.

          If I understand it correctly, with Thor's shield, Warrior A gets a bigger Shield, but his shield takes twice as much damage as Warrior B, so the result is the same.

          Well actually since thor's shield is % + X, Warrior B gets a SLIGHTLY better shield than warrior A.

          I could be wrong, maybe thor's shield doesn't use Defense... but I think it does.
          Anyway, your defensive goal as a warrior should probably be the best survival from 1 health bar... however you achieve that (hp vs defense IDK), will also give the best result with shield.
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            From what you said above, it is better to have less health, because you get a slightly better shield?

            Lets do some simple math here. Your Warrior A has 10k HP, Warrior B has 5k HP. Say that Thor's shield gives you 5% of your health as a temporary shield.
            Warrior A shield is 10,000*5% = 500, Warrior B shield is 5,000*5% = 250. I fail to see how the shield is better.

            That is the only part of your post I have an issue with honestly, just your math. While you may get better results from going away from HP gems/orbs, I found the opposite. To each their own in that regard.