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Camping on Levels

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  • Camping on Levels

    I am at level 49 for a while. I want to know if I i go level up 1 by 1 or more levels a time.Click image for larger version

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    You will level up depending on how much experience points you gain from dungeons, events, etc.
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      as u se i have 473.5 mil exp and i need 54.5 to lvl up... i need to know if i chose to upgrade i go lvl 50 ir higher


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        You will level several levels, but you won't go after 55. Last time a friend was at max exp stackable, he went from lvl 49 to 54-55.


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          hold your mouse over the orange bar at the bottom and it will give you a %... that % will tell you how much more exp you have got than the required amount to level

          I have 489% so I would be able to go from 59 to 62, maybe 63... as each new level requires more exp than the previous level
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            I was at lvl 49 for a long time had 1000% exp today I decided to level up and only went up one level. I kept all the rest of the exp and after doing quests at each lvl I was able to lvl up again. but I did notice that on my other account when I lvled from 59 to 60 it took all my exp and put me to lvl 56.


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              and I would also like to add that if you are at max exp for lvl 49 u can go higher than 55 as said above im at 55 now and have almost 300% exp left


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                Usually at 1000% it will take you all the way up to level X7 (Example: 57/67) if you chose to use up all the EXP.

                Last time before there is a slight change on the upgrade EXP (Last time once players chose to upgrade, its an all out level up as they cant chose to level one by one)

                Personally its better this way for those level 59 going to 60+ range players. Keep 1000% EXP, you can chose to level up to level 65 and use the remaining EXP on holy seal (If I remember correctly, you can get 2 or 3 levels on the holy seal).
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