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Orbs properties and how they work

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  • Orbs properties and how they work

    Guys is there a definitive post anywhere that gives the correct way the orbs work. Iv read they stack etc etc. However like the Catastrophe is at lvl 8 says im getting 24%. orb says it increases base crit yet if i remove from toon the crit dose not change on my toon so i am wondering if they actually work or not. Have had a read of most of the posts but can not find anything from a Dev stating the truth. Could we get a full run down of what each orb does with the way they stack and how the % is worked out. Thk you for your help.

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    catastrophe adds crit damage so if you crit someone you would hit 24 percent harder


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      thanks but what i am looking for is a full run down of all the orbs and how they stack etc hun.


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        All the stats orbs (Barbarian, Genius, Titan, God Shield, Grace, Safeguard and Assassin) stack and are added directly to your stats.
        Saint, Force Field, Mountain and Catastrophe stack and are added as "hidden stats".
        Nosferatu doesn't stack. Let's say you have 2 Nosferatu of lvl 5 (10% chances of absorbing 1250 HP) it won't become "20% of absorbing 2500 HP". You'll have 10% chances of absorbing 1250 HP x2 (If you have two Nosferatu of 2 different lvl, for example you have one lvl 4, other lvl 5, you'll have 10% chances to absorb 1250 HP and 10% chances to absorb 1000 HP. Both will work at random times).
        I never used Apocalypse, so I can't speak for this one though... So would need someone who uses/used it to tell us about it or someone of the staff to ask the devs, I suppose.


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          yes plz add all orb properties and how they work with graphic to it is easy to know which we should opt according to out need.
          some orb simple but there is some confusion with some orbs


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            Here's a list of all the orange orbs and what they do. Also added my personal opinion about them.

            Barbarian - Increases physical attack so an orb for archers and warriors. Personally I think this is a must have orb for every warrior and archer

            Genius - Like above but increases magical attack for mages. I also see this as a must have for mages

            Titan - Increases your physical defense stat. Can be useful but with 12 orbs it's not one I'm using yet. Also I'd say it's more useful to mages because they will naturally have a lower physical defense than magic defense. I'm a warrior so would use a god shield before I use one of these due to my magic defense being lower than my physical defense.

            God Shield - Increases your magic defense.

            Grace - Increases HP. In theory not a bad orb, but I've not chosen it as one of the 12 I have. Slightly benefits a warrior more than the other 2 classes because the strength of the shield skill is based on overall HP

            Safeguard - Increases critical defense. I think this is a great orb particularly at higher levels. Crit defense for all classes is a naturally much lower figure than physical defense and magic defense. The boost this orb gives if looked at as a % is much higher than the physical and magic defense orbs. Therefore in my opinion this is more important than god shield or titan.

            Assassin - Increases you critical stat. Seems like a good orb specially as critical stat is naturally lower than others. Best I can tell this increases your chance of causing a critical hit, and the numbers are high if looked at as a %

            Saint - This orb reduces how much damage you take. In my opinion it's a junk orb as the numbers are way too low. When anyone asks me about it I ask them what their total HP is. The amount this blocks each turn is negligible in comparison. Nice idea but the numbers need a huge buff for it to have use.

            Force Field - One of the best orbs. This reduces your damage by %. Therefore this scales as your enemies get tougher. This can reduce damage by thousands to 10s of thousands in a single hit.

            Mountain - Also one of the best orbs. This gives a % chance to take no damage from a hit. The % is low to start with but once these orbs are powered up they make a huge difference. Also this is the only skill that can block death commeth in Holy Lands and Demon Invasion.
            This and force field are must haves in my opinion.

            Catastrophe - Increases crit damage by %. A great orb for any class but essential for archers with their higher base crit and flames of rage skill.

            Nosferatu - Personally I think this is a junk orb. It gives a % chance of you absorbing HP from your enemy. Like saint it's a nice idea but I think the numbers are too small for it to be of use. I'd probably use it over saint though if forced to pick between them!

            Apocalypse - The debated orb! The most common answer as to what it does is increase you maximum damage but also decrease your minimum damage. So if without the orb you hit for 600-800 then with the orb this means you would hit for 550-850. These numbers are just pure example. If this is how the orb works then it would seem pointless because over time it would just balance out to you doing the same amount of damage as not using it. However many high BR players use it. I tested at lower BR and felt it was just wasting an orb slot. When I get my next 2 slots I might give it another go but I don't believe it to be of much use. One place where it could be helpful is in the arena if you have a chance to hit a player several times to get a specific spot. Without the orb you might not be able to beat someone who with the orb you can beat 1 in 3 times for example. It's just a roll of the dice.

            LOL anyway, I think that's all of them. /waffle


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              The Saint and Nosferatu orbs are amazing for doing the Demon Tower, especially at the starting levels.

              Beyond that, I agree with the numbers are not high enough to matter.

              I also tested the Apocalypse orb myself, when I had 100k BR (I am an Archer). I tested it on DI, with two of the orbs (level 5) so 40% total. And it did 2 mil more damage, out of about 70 mil. I could easily attribute that to missed criticals before. So I would shy away from the orb personally. (I swapped out the Force Field orbs for them, so no damage reduction from swapping orbs out).


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                That's a good point. Early on any orange orb can be good, and certainly worth using over purples or blues (for the most part). It won't take long though before saint is pretty redundant, then nosferatu after that.

                I tried apocalypse with about 100k br in DI and didn't make any extra ame over the normal variance! I do plan to test it more when I get my next orb slots though.


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                  thanks for all answers i just want to know is critical defense useful against monster or just aganist players


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                    both... it works on both but it is more effective against other players that can rely on crit
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                      thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.


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                        Server Name: SkyFall Crest {S54~US East**
                        Avatar Name: ScarletSun {Warrior**
                        Regarding: Orb Properties And How They Work
                        I'd really appreciate it if anyone can please answer this question: Which orbs operate most efficiently/effectively with which Avatar Class?
                        So far, Genius is clearly best for Mages, and I feel that Apocalypse works more efficiently with Mages, than the other Avatar Classes.
                        Again, your input is highly appreciated. Peace.

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Here's the basic line up.

                          Genius/Barbarian - Most important, everyone needs it, w/e works for your class
                          Assassin - 2nd most important, this is a critical chance increase. Critical hits in this game allow you to hit 2x harder. So this is basically the next highest base multiplier.

                          Force Field - Mountain - Catastrophe

                          These 3, are all required, but their importance more so rely on what level you are currently, what's your BR, and how strong are people in your server.

                          Catastrophe is a Crit Damage Multiplier
                          Force Field is Raw Damage Reduction
                          Mountain is Damage negation at a chance

                          These will be your first starting 5 orbs

                          Next is dependent on your server or your tasks at hand.

                          Hero Tower Progression
                          Floor 1-10 = Magic Damage
                          Floor 11-30 = Physical Damage

                          You might want to have 2x Titan leveled up by that time.

                          As for Apocalypse, I'll explain below

                          No one has really given a clear and definite answer in this thread yet on Apocalypse.

                          How Apocalypse works is that it increases your maximum damage, and lowers your minimum.

                          Here's an example:

                          Your damage is 5000-10000

                          Your Apocalypse is level 4, running at 10%

                          5000 x 10% = 500
                          10000 x 10% = 1000

                          5000 - 500 = 4500
                          10000 + 1000 = 11000

                          Your old range and new ranges are

                          5000 - 10000

                          4500 - 11000

                          if you're using two orbs

                          4000 - 12000

                          The point of this orb is to allow you to hit harder. There's debates on whether or not this orb is considered one of the highest damage multipliers since it stacks before crit and crit damage.

                          This orb is basically a base damage multiplier, it's technically stronger then Barbarian/Genius....

                          Are you willing to take the chance of hitting less, or gamble for a greater reward and hit that much harder?
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                            it's ok to have 2 Apocalypse with the same lvl?


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                              Originally posted by Haruto. View Post
                              it's ok to have 2 Apocalypse with the same lvl?
                              Yeah, the orbs would stack ontop of each other.