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Dragon orbs (nulling effect?)

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  • Dragon orbs (nulling effect?)

    Does all dragon orb effect coincide with each other?
    I'm using Force Field (2x) and Mountain (2x) but i rarely see ignore damage triggered.
    I've been facing opponents with the same Mountain orb level/amount as me, and i cant seem to graze them for a few rounds unlike me, damage just keeps pouring like rain...

    (oh, and my character is Warrior)

    Char level = 55

    current orbs

    Barbarian = 2x = lvl 6
    Mountain = `` = `` 5
    Force Fld = `` = `` 5
    Assassin = `` = `` 5
    Catastro = `` = `` 5 (still working on this one if i should retain it or change it with apocalypse)

    any tips/opinions/tricks/updates would be appreciated..

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    RNG doesnt like you.


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      Apocalypse is somewhat useless, it reduces your min damage and increases your max damage so in the long run its just going to average out.
      Don't waste space with it. Other orbs are much better investments.
      For a warrior you might want to consider tanking up rather than focusing purely on damage.
      Typically warriors position themselves in from of their dragons and use thor's shield to absorb damage.
      You may want to get some hp and crit def orbs as well for those purposes.
      Thor's shield is affected by hp and with crit def, you are effectively reducing the effects of 2 of your opponent's orbs (assassin and catastrophe)
      Of course this is more for arena or treasure hunt so you'll still need assassin and catastrophe for stuff like demon invasion
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        try to swap your mountain with gracex2.

        my orb for my warior toon is almost the same as you but i use grace not mountain.

        how about your gems? best gems for warior beside the PATK and HP is Crit Def and Crit. try getting those up to atleast level 5 before considering to level up your toon.
        1 thing need to remember no matter how high your orb is if your gems is low level you are snacks on arena and dcm (not to mention at DT too).

        *DT=Demon Tower
        **DCM=Death Cage Match


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          yeah.. probably.. lol

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            i had the same idea.. its mostly useful during DT and single combat...
            right now i'm focused on Demon Invasion earnings... thanks for the tip tho..



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              Gems are almost all at lvl 5:
              Mdef / HP / PATK / some crit and crit def



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                hmm.... thats odd. may i know about your equipment? green/blue/purple/orang/legendary? sometimes that play an important role too. another thing to remember is refining your equipment. If your equipment got the wrong status it won't do that much good too.

                As for the nulling effect of orbs, I been asking around and it seems there is no such thing (but i could be asking the wrong crowd though, maybe someone from moderator line can help to clear this up)


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                  Orb effect stack and as far as orbs like mountain its % chance you really don't start seeing a lot of damage canceled out until your totalk ignore chance is like 30-40% total anything lower is just pure luck