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Quick Guide to Dragon Essence

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  • Quick Guide to Dragon Essence

    For those who are wondering about the new Dragon Essence and the new skill that come with it here's a quick guide to help get you started.

    First off you must be at least level 55 to activate your first essence star, and these stars will increase your dragons stats improving their capabilities in battle.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	water star.jpg
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    To obtain more essence stars you must battle in the seven dragons under the nightmare option to obtain seal runes.

    To select nightmare you must have complete normal for all 7 dragon plus the dragon god and then select nightmare option

    Click image for larger version

Name:	nightmare.jpg
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    Once you have selected nightmare you must battle all dragon a second time to earn the seal runes and be warned the difficulty has been increased.

    After you have beaten all 8 challenges of a dragon you will receive a seal rune to unlock a new star.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	seal runes.jpg
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    Now that you have a seal rune you must activate the seal in order to use it to do so you go to your dragon guardian interface Click image for larger version

Name:	dragon guardian.jpg
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    Now that your in the dragon guardian interface you will need to open up the essence screen and activate an essence star, once you have a star activated you can work on leveling it up to unlock more skills for your dragons.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	dragon essence.jpg
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    You have 2 options for a seal you have activated you can Upgrade the star to increase its level or Evolve the star to increase its quality. Upgrading your star works a lot like evolving your dragon in that each click does not guarantee upgrading and adds points till it upgrades. Note you get 10 free uses a day. Evolving works more like enchanting your nymphs in that a bar lights up with each attempt until it evolves raising it quality from white, to green, to blue, etc.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	upgrade star.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	evolving.jpg
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    After a star has leveled you will gain 1 star point per level towards unlocking a new dragon skill the first skill requires a star level of 10 that means you need to have the star levels add up to at least 10 can be on one star or multiple stars. As you increase you star levels you will unlock more skills which can be used by your dragon and set up with an A/B setup like your main hero does allow for a more diverse battle experience.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	skill screen.jpg
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ID:	1745642

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    Thanks Chronos, seems detailed and understandable enough.
    Now we just have to wait for it to be available to all servers. :Ρ
    Was fun while it lasted. On to bigger and better things.


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      So evolve looks similar to nymph's enchant with reseting blessing points at midnight. Just to verify - essence hold also 24 hours?


      • #4
        Yes the evolving resets at midnight


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          Originally posted by ChronosDPS View Post
          Yes the evolving resets at midnight
          I understand about evolving, the question was about material for it, does it the same as holy stone - 24 hours long or it's permanent and can be stored in inventory?


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            the only holy stones that were timed were from events not all of the holy stones have a time limit and im sorry for the confusion the items for evolving unless they state they are timed will not be timed please read the descriptions of items to make sure

            Click image for larger version

Name:	holy stone.jpg
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            just a quick picture of the holy stones the ones that were timed had read lettering on them saying timed before they expired while the ones bought from the shop dont have any lettering on them.
            Last edited by ChronosDPS; 02-17-2014, 04:29 PM.


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              Originally posted by ChronosDPS View Post
              just a quick picture of the holy stones the ones that were timed had read lettering on them saying timed before they expired while the ones bought from the shop dont have any lettering on them.
              wow, thanks for clarifying this moment, i didn't know that. This definitely changes the case.


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                you dont need to complete 7 dragons on normal to start NM, but u need a team strong enought to get on 7th den of thunder dragon on normal to finish black dragon NM


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                  It was just the info i was provided with but if you can try it sooner than you need a very strong party to beat the dragons, 5 star heros level 100 wont be enough to finish the entire nightmare mode i stopped on the 4th dragon which i believe is the ice dragon and couldn't beat the 3rd challenge so having normal seven dragons beat will most likely allow you to get further than just trying it over and over until you can beat one


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                    one question does the dragon essence count for only 1 dragon or for all of them?


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                      Originally posted by View Post
                      one question does the dragon essence count for only 1 dragon or for all of them?

                      It applies to all of them. Just like unlocking the tattoos on the dragon or evolving dragons contributes to the overall br of your dragon.
                      However, unlike the nymph system, it seems that each star is independent of the other, meaning you can potentially upgrade and evolve 9 different sets of stars

                      A few observations...

                      As mentioned before, i'm not sure if this is a glitch or a mistake but you don't need to complete all 8 normal dungeons before going on to nightmare.
                      If there is indeed a requirement I believe you just have to complete normal on the same dungeon before you are able to try the nightmare although I can't confirm it.
                      Nightmare dungeons also have a similar progression compared to normal dungeons in that you have to complete the black dragon nightmare before going on to red dragon nightmare and so on as well as individual summoner level requirements.

                      There is a level requirement (character level) to unlocking stars similar to nymphs.

                      For the unlocking the skills, in addition to being based on the sum of all your levels of stars, most require you to unlock a certain number of stars.

                      From the description it makes no mention about evolving being a requirement to obtain skills so kudos to making the skills available to everyone and not just cashers.

                      At this point, I'm unclear whether higher level stars would confer better stats or take more essences to level up but I wouldn't be surprised if one, or both, is true.


                      How will this affect legendary challenge?

                      The previous nymph update really put a wildcard into LC as the nymph level or star rating are not considered in the matchings in LC.
                      However, in the case of dragon essence, the upgrade is directly applied to the br of the dragon guardian.
                      Will this change be reflected in the matching system, resulting in opponents being adjusted accordingly?

                      What is the maximum level of a dragon star?
                      From the hot events, I am going to assume that the max level is 20 but I'd like some confirmation
                      If this is true, you'll need to unlock all stars with max level to unlock the last dragon skill.

                      Is it currently possible to evolve heroes after level 100?
                      I have a level 100 hero and enough holy soul stones to evolve but it still says I have insufficient items.


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                        To address your first question I'm sure it will make LC more challenging in that the stars raise dragons base stats like atk and hp so they higher they are the harder to kill. And as far as the match up goes I don't think it will change how it works you will receive dragons of players in your bracket as you always have. So far i have not received word on how high the stars will upgrade so please anyone who manages to find it post it for us. The heros max levels have been raise but there is a visual glitch on how many holy soul stones are required to upgrade the heros it takes 300 some people are seeing 3 and some are seeing 30 it has been reported and I'm hoping that is find to end confusion as to why you cant upgrae your heros.


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                          hi Chronos,

                          I believe that you guys has tested it out before the patch launching for us to play.

                          It would be great for you explain the image below:

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Drag Skill req.jpg
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Size:	69.8 KB
ID:	1681566

                          what are exactly those requirements are?

                          o m n and missing star(s)
                          Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

                          Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?


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                            I will have it investigated and get you an answer as soon as possible


                            • #15
                              By chance how is the seismic skill unlock or it still not release yet. thanks