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Dragon Pals marriage guide revised

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  • Dragon Pals marriage guide revised

    HI and welcome

    Dragon pals marriage has been created for the players to join their hand with their chosen partner in the game as a sign of support, caring and love.

    It is a experience to be enjoyed many times over and tho you only need to propose once, you can enjoy the feeling of being a newly wed couple, using the option of having a marriage and honeymoon every day.... so lets help you get started on the path of betrothal and happily wedded bliss.....

    ( Side Note ) The option to marry a person of the same gender in the game, is not available, This is not a reflection of R2 games stance as they endorse a non discrimination approach to their game and the option of same gender marriage is not theirs to implement. R2 Games and Dragon Pals offer their apologies to the players and offer a change gender card for people of the same gender that wish to be married. The R2 and Dragon pals staff will continue to provide a LGBT supportive community game which is part of R2 Games vision )

    Ok, getting married requires a partner so make friends, share the game with friends and family and even your real life partner if you so choose and when you are ready to make the big step... then this guide will help you with proposing, getting engaged, married, having a honey moon and yes even divorced.....

    Players need to be level 40 in order to get married, this applies to both partners, tho players level 35 and higher can see the marriage icon
    Click image for larger version

Name:	marriage icon.jpg
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ID:	1745756


    The rings that players have the options of choosing, are the: Soul mates ring and the soaring hearts ring, both are available in the shops and can be brought with returned or recharged gold ( ONLY the proposer needs to buy two rings, the other person doesn't need to buy a ring, so please bear that in mind )

    Click image for larger version

Name:	rings updated.jpg
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ID:	1745758

    Each ring has its own unique features

    The Soul mates ring has a cost of 200 GC ( 160 for VIP )
    Click image for larger version

Name:	soul mate ring.png
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ID:	1745757

    The soaring hearts ring has a cost of 2,500 GC ( 2000 for vip )
    Click image for larger version

Name:	soaring hearts ring.png
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ID:	1745759

    Due to the opposite gender marriage only aspect, players of the same gender in game, can not marry and so there is the option to use a change gender card, this will change a players gender and appearance only, it will not change your class or your stats and if you get the option to change your name, you got the change name card which is different to the change gender card. The card is available in the shop ( items tab )

    Click image for larger version

Name:	gender card.jpg
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ID:	1745760

    Now that you have your rings,
    ( the person proposing, needs to buy 2 rings the other person doesn't need to buy a ring ) you can seek out your beloved and fall on one knee and declare undying love and a wish to defend them against all dragons and players with your skill and ...... yeah, back to the guide lol...
    The person who is proposing, can click on the ring icon in their profile or their beloveds name in the game or on your friends list and look for the propose option

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1745761Click image for larger version

Name:	propose.jpg
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ID:	1745762

    [Warning] There is a 90 second accept or reject time limit with a proposal, Choose your intended player and agree to the marriage before the proposal is sent

    IF your intended partner rejects your proposal the rings will return to the system so you will need to purchase new rings for any future proposals.

    Your partner has accepted your proposal of undying love and they will get this mail that contains the ring, they need to open the mail and accept the ring

    Click image for larger version

Name:	??1 (1).jpg
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ID:	1745763


    Your engagement is now official, the stat bonus of the rings, will apply to each player so you will see your Battle Rating go up, the ring bonuses last as long as the marriage does...

    The common wedding costs 190K amethyst, the luxurious wedding costs 100 gold coins and the extravagant wedding costs 1000 gold coins.
    Each wedding lasts 20 minutes tho you do not have to remain in the wedding area for 20 minutes, the time is to allow your guests to arrive and share the special occasion with you and if you are feeling generous, you can throw candy which will appear in the guests inventory and has random gifts in them.

    Booked weddings will start at the stated server time, not the players real life time.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	??2.jpg
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ID:	1745765

    Players will get the announcement of your wedding in the world chat and the option to come to your wedding, using the teleport immediately link

    Click image for larger version

Name:	??3.jpg
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ID:	1745766

    Once in the wedding alter, you can click on the MC or on the start wedding button at the bottom of the screen, I will let players enjoy the experience without posting pics ( throwing candy will give the guests a bonus gift which will appear in their inventory, the contents are random, the better the wedding, the better the candy and the gifts your guests may recieve )

    Click image for larger version

Name:	??5.jpg
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ID:	1745767


    Your honey moon can be started after the wedding, by clicking on the honeymoon tab and choosing a honeymoon, and the honeymoon will be started as soon as the other partner accepts the initiation ( Players that use the gold coin honeymoons will appear on the screen in a carriage, this option is not available for the amethyst honeymoon )

    Click image for larger version

Name:	p31.jpg
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ID:	1745764


    Should your partner turn out to be not the partner of your dreams, then divorce is a option with the splitsville ticket

    Click image for larger version

Name:	splitsville.jpg
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ID:	1745771

    Bear in mind that a divorce means that you will lose the rings and if you wish to remarry, you will need new rings.
    Rather than lose your stats, they go inactive and both partners will be able to reuse any points from previous marriages, in their new marriage

    Upgrading your marriage

    Ok, now that you are enjoying happily married bliss, we can look at the other features of the marriage update....

    Serendipity is what you use to upgrade your marriage, serendipity can be gained by getting married, sending flowers to your partner and tossing candy at your wedding

    Married Partners will gain serendipity AND intimacy from sending flowers to each other but only intimacy from sending flowers to other people.
    Another way to get serendipity is by tossing candy to your wedding guests so it is a good idea to invite friends and guild members to your wedding

    you level up your marriage using the upgrade button on the marriage page and once your serendipity level reaches 20, your marriage will be upgraded and you both will enjoy a stat bonus boost

    Click image for larger version

Name:	p33.jpg
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ID:	1745772Click image for larger version

Name:	p34.jpg
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ID:	1745773

    Seeing what states you are gaining be being married, is easy, click on the marriage icon, then marriage tab and look for the stats link, clicking on that will open up the couples stats window and you can see the bonuses you have gained by being married

    Click image for larger version

Name:	p35 (1).jpg
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ID:	1745770

    Upgrading your rings

    Players can also upgrade their wedding rings ( upgrade ring tab ) if they choose, using affection which is gained from have a wedding and honeymoon and using the option to remarry every day ( NOTE, players do not have to divorce in order to remarry their current partner each day, the system allows players to renew their wedding vows and have a honeymoon without divorcing )

    Click image for larger version

Name:	p3.jpg
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ID:	1745769

    Sending gifts

    The gift giving is a way for a partner to show that they appreciate their partner and wish to express that by way of a token of their love. and so the gift tab shows what is is able to be sent as a gift to a partner, there is a restriction on the number of gifts that can be sent, its at the upper right corner of the gift window....

    The gifts will be sent to your partner in a mail so be sure to tell your partner that they have mail as your surprise gift may get deleted by accident and as that is regarded as player error it is very hard to get items in deleted mails returned to players.....

    [NOTE] the gifts are brought from the shop and that will trigger the activate option, DO NOT activate the items, they will become bound to your account and you will not be able to send them to your partner if that happens. ONLY unbound items can be sent.

    In order to send items you need to check first, what items you can gift as part of your marriage and so you need to hold your mouse over the items in the gift screen and be sure of what you are buying in the shop so you do not buy the right clothing but for the wrong time, and end up not able to send it to your partner

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Gifts.jpg
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ID:	1745768

    [ This guide is not completed and it will be completed soon, please do not post saying what is not mentioned or completed or incorrect, I am already aware of what needs to be done ]
    Last edited by Kitwritten; 05-13-2014, 04:26 AM.
    Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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  • #2
    If I divorce my current partner and remarry, will I have to buy the more expensive ring to get the same effects I have now? Or can I buy the cheaper ring and get the same effects? Do I also need to wait for a period of time between divorcing and remarrying? I thought I remembered reading something about this, but I simply can't find it now.


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      Buy cheap ring and just use the gold for other things .


      • #4
        hello guys im colossal from levington falls server uhm my marriage ring is not activated but i buy 2 rings and also there was nothing in mail there was non remember that i need to accept the ring thingy for example like the you got soaring hearts its not activated why this is my report is it glitch or not?!


        • #5
          Originally posted by Cyrnean View Post
          ...will I have to buy the more expensive ring to get the same effects I have now? Or can I buy the cheaper ring and get the same effects?
          You get "refunded" all the affection that you've accumulated.

          So if you started with the expensive ring, and buy the expensive ring:
          -Stays the same as what you have now

          Started with expensive ring, buy the cheap ring:
          -A little less affection (~18k less or so)


          The cheap ring is just an upgrade of the expensive ring ^^ If you bought the expensive ring the first time though, you never spent any affection to get it to be the green soaring hearts that it was, so if you replaced it with the cheap ring of course you'd lose some affection. But honestly if you're going to marry and divorce and such, it's a lot more financially efficient to buy the cheap rings. (Unless you're in a ring levelling race for some reason or another.)
          base cost = 160 * 2 = 320
          expensive honeymoon = 800 * 2 = 1600
          total = 1920 to get beyond soaring hearts lv1, and it's cheaper than buying 2 soaring hearts ^^ it just takes time.

          Most money efficient honeymoon is the 2nd one that costs 80 gold for vip's. If you're willing to take it slowly, go with the cheaper ring. There really is not too much of a difference between soaring hearts and soulmate at higher levels ^^

          Originally posted by Cyrnean View Post
          ....Do I also need to wait for a period of time between divorcing and remarrying? ...
          It takes 24 hours for the divorce to actually happen from the time you use splitsville (incase you change your mind ^^) After that you can get married immediately.


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            ty kit nice guide ^_^


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              This guide forgets to mention that upgrading your ring will cost twice as much serendipity after you have divorced and remarried with someone else. For how long, i have no idea, might be forever.
              If it is completely true, i do not know. all i know that system gave me mail that said "Your Ring has been recovered by the system. Upgrading your Ring requires 100% more Serendipity Points.
              Honestly, you could do a lot better."
              All i know after spending serendipity points, my 'Till kindom come' Ring ended up being lvl 8, next upgrade costing 22,284 points, when before divorce i had same ring at level 10.

              quite the way to punish players who marry someone who ends up quitting the game after few weeks of marriage and try to keep it together 3-4 months afterwards before finally divorcing xD


              • #8
                updating the guides to reflect the changes in the game is a time consuming job, specially when the devs change things like the marriage system multiple times, including during and after the time the guide was written.....

                you are the first person to mention that issue, none of the staff or players have mentioned seeing that issue..... so it may be why its not in the guide, nobody knows anything about it
                Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

                R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
                Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


                • #9
                  This would definitely need confirmation from other players or even devs themselves, As i cannot be too reliable source on this simply because i have not payed attention on the numbers, before i got those two mail about divorcing. I hope im not just starting a wild goose chase just because i might remember something wrong xD


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                    If you started out with the soul mate ring can you deactivate it and buy the soaring hearts ring and activate it to get the bonus stats while still married?


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                      Kit if i got one ring tht is expensive and other tht is cheap. I can still retain the expensive ring and send the cheaper one to the partner?


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                        when throwing some candies during wedding will it also cost you to spend another gold even when you have an attempt left?? just asking


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                          Originally posted by R237509514 View Post
                          when throwing some candies during wedding will it also cost you to spend another gold even when you have an attempt left?? just asking
                          depends which wedding is held and which candy are you throwing.
                          If you are going luxurious wedding then luxurios or lesser candy can be thrown, extravagnat one will cost gold.
                          With extravagant wedding 2 attempts for free candies from extravagant and lesser.


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                            For the messages about the extra costs after a divorce. I have just remarried and got the following results:
                            Old ring: Lvl 9 'Til Kingdom Com', 15.737 Affection. (Bought the Soaring Hearts). Required for next lvl ring: 25.999
                            New ring: Lvl 9 'Til Kingdom Com', 705 Affection. (Bought the Soul Mate). Required for next lvl ring: 25.999
                            Doesn't seem to be any increase in costs to upgrade rings, the only difference is the cheaper ring that i bought this time.

                            The costs to increase wedding:
                            Before: 7203 (Crit 36->37)
                            After: 7203 (Crit 36->37)
                            These costs haven't improved either.


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                              Can I buy a ring and have a ring gifted to me from my partner, then propose? Or do I have to purchase both?