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How much sun stone needed to lvl up artifact?

This is a sticky topic.
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  • How much sun stone needed to lvl up artifact?

    Hi, i want to ask what Will happen if my time has run out but i still have wasted alot to enchant and evolve it? Will i get the stats back when i rebuy? Or Will it be lost?

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    how many sun stone need to upgrade from rank 2 to rank 3 ????
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      Rank 1 to 2=> 31~37
      Rank 2 to 3=> 81~85

      That is the rough result that I obtained and with other guild mates also. The numbers are somewhere within the range of 10.
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        Sun Stone

        I wasn't sure where this should go--but how do you use the Sun Stones?


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          you need a artifact from in the shop, you activate that then go to your profile and look for the artifact icon..... the sun stones are using to upgrade that artifact
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            Okay. So its to upgrade not to enchant. Gotcha. I had the relic. And I got the different stones, but it wouldn't let me use Sun Stones. I kinda figured it was to upgrade but I wasn't for sure.


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              you need to enchant up to 10 stars in order to unlock the upgrade option
              Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

              R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
              Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


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                I got up to seven I do believe. Couple more days and it'll be rank two. : )

                Does Rank two allow perm? Cause it says "level 2" but on the relic itself it goes by "Ranks".


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                  How many sun stones do I need (Minimum) to upgrade my artifact to level 2?


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                    Originally posted by Yuyana View Post
                    need about 2600 gold coins to upgrade an artifact to rank 2

                    managed with:
                    15 free attempts over 3 days + 25 magic lunas(red) to get to 10 star <-- soo about 8 days of free attempts(would expire so need to buy some magic lunas)
                    31 sun stones(blue) for rank 2

                    would differ between players because its not a set amount of points per attempt
                    from another thread post i made


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                      well if I can't manage with just 2200 gold, Lmao, I think I'll be done with the game, cause I ain't wasting my money. Reality's becoming too greedy just like Kixeye. They could have done this without having this item cost so much, there is NO alternative means to upgrade this thing without money. But you tell me, I got five stars now, and five days left, think I can do this without buying a magic lunas?
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                        someone told me it took them 50 sun stones to go rank 2 lol far far to costly in my opinion, good luck on it though
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                          Upgrading Holy Goblet Relic

                          I am not trying to be a complainer. I am almost VIP5 and have spent $80-100 on gold recharges for the game. What really bothers me is how many Sun Stones it takes to upgrade the Holy Goblet Relic even just to level 2, to make it a permanent attribute, after spending the money to buy it and the many Moon Stone's to enhance it to 10 stars just so you can then spend hundreds of gold on Sun Stones and it still will not upgrade. This is very disappointing. I spent the gold I purchased,not returned gold on the Holy Goblet, tons of moon stones and now many sun stones and still do not have an active Holy Goblet any longer. I think this is more difficult than it should be. Please can we get a break on this one. Thank you so much for the game. I love it otherwise.

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                            Well, first thing, you should plan carefully before you upgrade the goblet, so that you won't lose the sun stones due to reset. You can ask about how much stones required to upgrade to rank 2 from other players that have upgraded it, to make sure you have enough sun stones for the upgrade. Also, don't bother spending your gold on moon stones, since you get 5 free attempt of increasing the star everyday. Well, if you have much money, then go ahead. But for those that have limited amount of gold, it's better to get the sun stone instead of moon.

                            Yeah, it's quite expensive to get rank up. It takes about 30 sun stones to level up, which costs you about 1500 golds. But don't forget that goblet is premium item, just like the wing. They was issued as an alternative way to increase your BR. You can get a huge BR increase by getting high rank artifact. You're not necessarily need them in game, meaning that you can still live in the game even without them. But if you want to get stronger, then you must pay for it, and don't expect it to be cheap. It's still cheaper than upgrading the nymph anyway. So, all you need to do is prepare yourself before upgrading. Always ask others about the required stones to upgrade both nymph and artifact.
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                              Okay. Thank you very much for the post and information. I got varied answers on the amount of sun stones when I did ask guild mates etc. Thanks again.