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Unlocking and Renewing VIP

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  • Unlocking and Renewing VIP

    Following the cancellation of VIP subscription, players will only be able to purchase or renew VIP using Diamonds in-game. Please read on for more details.

    Unlocking VIP for the First Time
    Go to 1-time VIP interface and click the 'Unlock' button to spend 699 Diamonds to get 1 month of VIP. After using Diamonds to unlock VIP, players will get the following benefits:

    - Instant access to VIP 4
    - Daily collectable VIP Pack x1 Click image for larger version

Name:	VIP Pack.jpg
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    - Gold x 500,000 (collectable within the Hot Events menu only in new servers that have been launched within a week.)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	LoA 1st Unlock VIP interface.jpg
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    Renewing VIP
    VIP stats purchased and activated run out in 30 days, so players must remember to renew within a timely manner if they wish to remain a VIP. Players simply have to click the ‘Renew’ button to add 30 days to their VIP subscription (this allows players to accumulate more days at any given time if they so wish). Players may see their remaining VIP days in the VIP status bar.

    Click image for larger version

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    Each renew requires different amounts of Diamonds as listed below.

    Renewal Times Discounted Cost
    1st 599 Diamonds
    2nd 499 Diamonds
    3rd 399 Diamonds
    4th 299 Diamonds
    5th and above 199 Diamonds
    VIP Development Points
    VIP players can gain Dev Points by logging in every day, or by spending Diamonds (spend 500 to gain 1 Dev Point). Each VIP renewal also gives 1 Dev Point. When the current VIP bar is full, you'll gain a VIP level boost.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	VIP EXP Bar.jpg
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    VIP Bonuses Details
    There are 10 kinds of VIP levels: VIP1 - VIP10. Higher level VIPs gain access to better VIP privileges. Check the in-game VIP Bonuses panel for details.

    Click image for larger version

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    R2Games LoA Ops Team

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    What will happen on the 6th Renewal


    • #3
      199 ever after the 5th.


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        can I renew even if my vip will run out after 32 days? im just after of the bonuses..... anyone tried?


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          In Wartune if you dont renew, you begin to lose VIP xp slowly, but you can renew and regain later.


          • #6
            r245060313, yes you can


            • #7
              yes you can, the vip renewal adds on the remaining time, it does not reset the time remaining of your current vip duration


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                somebody know how to unlock vip 10??


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                  Hi, I am still subscribed in a monthly billing. It is still not worth 199 Dia. Its like 6.99 per month still. Do you suggest to unsubscribe and do it manually?


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                    I do not zachileny diamonds and prizes for 30/06/2015. Why?
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                      Originally posted by Supwermann View Post
                      Hi, I am still subscribed in a monthly billing. It is still not worth 199 Dia. Its like 6.99 per month still. Do you suggest to unsubscribe and do it manually?
                      Yes you should definitely unsubscribe to the monthl by filing a ticket to billing and manually use diamonds to renew it monthly for 199 or 299 diamonds if the discounts are offered to you.
                      to file a ticket