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Guides and FAQs: League of Angels

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  • Guides and FAQs: League of Angels

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    Guides and FAQs are an important asset to any gamer when diving head first into an interactive experience. Many times game features are released with the expectations that players will figure out the nuances and tricks of any particular feature themselves. But what about those players who have yet to figure out how the game really works?

    Here we will be collecting and updating a list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and game guides, as well as providing general guides that can assist you. This thread will include billing guides, account and general platform guides, game guides, and game FAQs for your convenience.

    General Guides

    General guides include general billing information, account/login, or additional guides that don’t fall under a specific category. These are guides that can help you on your R2 experience, regardless of the game, and therefore should be reviewed by all players.

    Billing Guides
    VIP subscription information
    Recharge problems
    MOL Pay
    Recharging using Paypal without Playspan

    Account Guides
    Password issues
    Email binding problems
    Facebook-to-R2 Log-in

    General Guides
    Screenshot tutorial
    “Like” us on Facebook
    ToS Violations
    Video capture tutorial
    Clear your Cache & Cookies
    DNS Flush Tutorial
    How to create a ticket - All platforms
    How to use Forum Search

    Game Specific Guides

    As we publish many games from many publishers, game specific knowledge is a very valuable thing. Few official game guides are produced for features, so many of our players take it upon themselves to help out their fellow players.

    This section is for guides specific to League of Angels. Whether you are inquiring about how an upgrade system works, explaining a crucial mechanic in the game, or a general guide on specific classes, this is the place to look. Please check existing game guides to see if your question has been answered in this section.

    General - General Guide [Spoilers] Ver 1.6x
    General - A little game guide (when things unlock)

    Angels - Angel guide
    Angels - Angel Guide 101
    Awakening - Awakening materials calculation
    Cross Server - Xserver FAQ
    Cross Server - Divine Realm overview
    Heroes - Recruiting heroes
    Heroes - Drills
    Erebus - Erebus Quiz
    Erebus - Erebus Guide
    Event - Smelting overview
    Event - Gemology "60 pointers"
    Event - Raiders
    Farm - Farm Guide
    Guild - Guild Boss overview
    Main - Basic knowledge of your Main hero
    Marriage - Marriage overview
    Mount - Mount Stable overview
    Mount - How to Evolve mounts with requirements
    PvP - Arena,Team Arena and Domination

    Class: All - General Class overview
    Class: Knight - General Knight guide
    Class: Mage - Basic Mage guide

    Tip - Beating players above your BR
    Tip - Guide for the competitive player
    Tip - Owning this game
    Tip - Beginner tips
    Tip - Rage build tutorial

    If you have a question or issue that you want to write a guide for, or have a guide you think would be helpful to our players, get in touch with a forum moderator or GM (blue for moderator, red for GM) and provide a way for them to review the guide. We will consider new guides for all aspects of our platform and games. Once submitted, we will review it, revise if necessary, and then it will forever hold a place in our official FAQ section.
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    The following is a general list of FAQs that do not require an entire guide to be helpful. These questions can range from “what is gold” to the most advanced and intricate game mechanic. *Please note* there are many features and interactions that are not announced and are considered “proprietary secrets”. Please understand that some questions we cannot answer due to this reason.

    Platform FAQs

    Q: Can I let someone log into my character?
    A: This is called “piloting” and is highly discouraged. Although we do not actively seek out piloters, R2Games may mute, ban, or decide to do nothing against piloters.

    Q: Can I purchase currency for my friend?
    A: This is not allowed and creates problems. Should a chargeback or issue of ownership arise, someone will lose a lot of time and effort. We *strongly* recommend players do not recharge on an account that is not their own.

    Q:Can you transfer my character/items to another server?
    A: We do not transfer characters under any circumstance. The only situation where we would transfer items or currency is if it was due to a mistaken recharge.

    Game FAQs


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      How to use bonus cards thank you


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        Good morning. If you refer to those bonus cards you get to use in Exclusive, you can use them to get some extra resources there once you purchase the angel/hero/amulet/equipment/ fairy/mount you want to. The thing is that to get the wanted items you must reach some requirements, among which there is recharge a certain amount. The moment you unlock the wanted item you can also use that bonus card.
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        REQUIRED INFO: Don't forget to provide your IGN, server name & number and screenshots for the issues & problems experienced. Recharge issues will require your transaction ID. Screenshots provided must be uncropped and timestamped.