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Earn More Gold From Gauntlet

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  • Earn More Gold From Gauntlet

    hello everyone.
    Want make more gold from gaunlet? I hope i can help u for that. Here we go.

    the best formation for gauntlet is using LE and nereida. for hitters, u can use main and ES or GW. and using totem fire for more damage.
    here the formation:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Formasi pake LE.jpg
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Size:	495.4 KB
ID:	1775099

    the problems is someone had LE and the other is not. for someone who don't have her, don't worry, we can use astral hunter or astral child as LE.
    in here we using totem dragon, for make nereida can cast skill each turn.
    this is the formation:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	formasi ga ada LE.jpg
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Size:	505.1 KB
ID:	1775100

    For skill, better we use combine shadowstrike, sand of time and thor's fury (for mage) or flame dash. this is it:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Skill.jpg
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Size:	548.5 KB
ID:	1775101

    why use shadowstrike? its not better using blazing arrow and dark arrow?
    nope, better shadowstrike. why? because shadowstrike have 3 times hitting enemy with 135% (if lvl 10). so total 135% x 3 = 405%.
    blazing arrow only 220% (lvl 5), and because shadowstrike is blue skill, so we can more easy for make it high level then blazing arrow who is purple skill.
    imagine, shadowstrike with 405% combined with sand of time (target deff and agility's -52%).
    so u can damage the dragon or wolf more higher then using blazing arrow.

    for artifact, we must use:
    1. Song of prosperity, increases rage.
    2. Wrath of gods, increases attack.
    3. Shield of preservation, give a shield equal to 8% of its max hp.
    4. Galactic force, deals 210% angel atk ignoring enemy deff.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	artefact.jpg
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Size:	495.2 KB
ID:	1775102

    if u don't have song of prosperity, its ok, u can replaced it with Angel's Necklace, reduces enemies deff by 12%.

    for blessing of zodiac, we use Gemini, Libra and Capricorn. that is the best blessing for gaunlet.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	zodiac blessing.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	352.2 KB
ID:	1775103

    Thats all i can tell to u guys. i hope i can help u with that. And I feel like I missed a lot of things or may have misstyped something.
    So feel free to ask questions and provide positive feedback.

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    nice guide mate!
    Name: gerasi
    LvL: 93
    Br: 4.5+ m
    Server: 61 Doomstone Forest
    Guild: FlyPoject
    Alliance: Balkan


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      Aeries with 8 percent more damage better option from the 6 percent to agility, defense and atk in gauntlet.
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        I have a question, or rather a suggestion of a kind. I'm pretty sure that anyone over 25k dodge (possibly lower) dodges most, if not all attacks from Gauntlet monsters. So why not make monster attack your main right away instead of sacrificing one striker? Especially with complete IRB2 since it using skills doesn't add rage to the dragons and lowers their possibility of hitting (or one-shooting main/heroes).
        Just curious, I agree with the guide, nicely done!
        S210 Fiery Citadel
        Nick Peyp


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          with the max gold cap u get more gold when u strip


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            230.4 million is the cap on gold in gauntlet. Happy gaming.
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              just get 15k+ dodge main with high lvl shadowstrike (put at mid front) and go infinite rage build(IRB) Light Envoy+nereida (100 rage combined total) put in 2 attackers which are godless wolf and earthshaker.

              tadaa you are gauranteed decent damage.

              monsters won't cast skill because you are casting sklls with IRB which dont +25rage to monsters from normal attack. normal attacks from monsters will miss at 15k+ dodge 100%
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