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[Guide]How to kill 75-84lvl Elemental Zone bosses

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  • slona
    started a topic [Guide]How to kill 75-84lvl Elemental Zone bosses

    [Guide]How to kill 75-84lvl Elemental Zone bosses

    Hello, with this guide i will share with you few tips how to kill lvl 75-84 elemental zone bosses.Every player reached this level knows very well that those bosses are very strong and battles with them can be realy painful.
    For some people this still may seems impossible to beat them, but dont worry you came to the right place.

    Everything you have to know about the bosses
    The boss and monsters in this party have deadly skills which hits a line of your heroes and reduce their damage to extremely low numbers for two turns.This skill is the same like the cancer on nightmare aegis.
    They also have very powerful healing skill which heals a large amount of hp.(i will explain later how to deal with it)
    You will need at least 4-5mil battle rating (depends on your heroes, gems etc...) thats in case you already have IRB/IRB2, if you dont have you will need more power.
    Your Hit rating must be at least 35-40k its important if you want your hit to succeed every round.If you dont have enought hit rating u can exchange your gems ( Dodge to Hit or Crit to Hit) also fused gems (ATK+Crit to Agility+Hit)
    also swapping gems between your heroes may help.
    Obtaining hit buffs from worshipping.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	buffs.PNG
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ID:	1775342
    Dragonsouls and dragonsoul skills
    Click image for larger version

Name:	dragonsoul hit.PNG
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ID:	1775345
    I have 2x of them for more hit
    you must have dragonsoul reviving skill for your mages.Why you need this? Because keeping them alive will give more time for your hitters to make more damage, they playng the role as a shield.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	dragonsoul skill.PNG
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Size:	94.1 KB
ID:	1775346
    Genesis or Void mails for all of your heroes in the party this will keep them alive longer
    Will be good if you have any stuns cuz they can make a big difference in battles, that means u will stay alive for much longer.
    Main Hero skills
    Click image for larger version

Name:	hero skills.PNG
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ID:	1775348
    Im using Arcane Lightening, Abyssal Gaze and Mysterious Shadow.You can replace the 3rd skill with Firestorm if you want.
    Zodiac Blessing and Aegis Skills
    Click image for larger version

Name:	zodiac blessing leo.PNG
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ID:	1775349 Click image for larger version

Name:	zodiac blessing libra.PNG
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Name:	zodiac blessing scorpio.PNG
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ID:	1775351
    Leo Blessing will give you more hit for your heroes. Libra will increase the crit damage for your hitters. Scorpio will reduce the healing amount of the enemies healing skills.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	aegiss skill pisces.PNG
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ID:	1775344Click image for larger version

Name:	aegis skill aquarius.PNG
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Size:	39.9 KB
ID:	1775343
    For aegis skill i prefer to use pisces skill but both are good.
    For totem im using the fire totem he gives more dmg to my hitter.If you dont have IRB use totems for rage.
    Elemental zone buffs
    Click image for larger version

Name:	element zone buffs.PNG
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ID:	1775347
    with the buffs from killing monsters on the map and the other two buff located on the top right side of the screan you have more chance to slay the bosses
    if you are playng in a server with low population where u can easy catch any boss alive i suggest you to wait untill u have all buffs, but remember if you die you lose the buffs obtained from the monsters and you have to kill them again.
    Party formations
    All this things above was only basic stuff.Now here comes the most important part, your party formation.Without the proper formation you dont have a chance even if you have all this things from above.
    I will show you what formation im using for fire and ice bosses, for now i have only for those. still cant find any electro boss alive cuz im playng in server with hight population
    but if you already killed electro boss feel free to share your strategy here.
    What makes these formations good? Positioning your main hero and hitter to the right place which will grand them more time to stay alive, and will be out of range for some rounds of the skill which decreases ur dmg.I will name those positions protection zone.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	fire safe zone.PNG
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Size:	798.1 KB
ID:	1775338Click image for larger version

Name:	ice safe zone.PNG
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Size:	765.9 KB
ID:	1775339
    Im using Earthshaker for hitter he deals the most damage, and my main hero for tank he makes dmg but actually his role is to protect the earthshaker because he have most hp/def/dodge that makes him better than the other heroes in the party.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	main hero.PNG
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ID:	1775340 Click image for larger version

Name:	shaker.PNG
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Size:	418.2 KB
ID:	1775341
    Remember this guide cant guarantee you will succeed even im not able to kill them always, sometimes im failing too, but stick to this guide and keep trying.
    Later i will try to add formation for electro bosses and replay.

    Server: [S1] Nocturna's Tear
    IGN: Vordigan
    Last edited by slona; 08-28-2015, 05:12 PM.

  • AntifreezeUnder0
    Nice guide, but for addition its good to have 40k+ hit so you actually land hits often

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