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  • Guilding Light S21 Selene

    :: The Basic Knowledge of your MAIN HERO

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Main Character.jpg
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Name:	Title Emblem Skill.jpg
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    Many player not aware how important these Title, Emblem and Skill for our Main Hero progress.
    For me, these are the main core of my Main Hero Strength.

    TITLE :
    It is not one of the requirement for get some Angels only, but it simply give you a bonus stat for your main hero permanently.
    So the higher level of your Title, the stronger you are compared to other Players even they are at the same level with you.
    To leveling up your Title, you need a Prestige Points that you can get from Arena, Team Arena, and from hosting / joining a Feast and doing Toast at Feast.

    EMBLEM :
    It is also very important to strengthen your Main Hero, because it give a huge amount of bonus stat
    for your main hero permanently.
    The higher your Emblem level also make your Main Hero stronger than others.
    To leveling up your Emblem level, you need an Emblem Shard that you can gain from the exchange of Honor Badge at Guild Shop.
    You also can get Honor Badge and Emblem Shard from Seasonal Events Gauntlet and Twilight.

    SKILL :
    We have 2 kind of skill : Active Skill and Passive Skill
    • Active Skill is the skill that our Main Hero can Use for battle, and for me the Active Skill is an instant boost to increasing damage, but it is Temporary. Why temporary ? because we can learn more active skill that have more effect and more damage and we can choose only some of them for a battle. So i am suggesting you to carefully choose which Active Skill you want to use and leveling up. So we won't waste The Warsoul we have to upgrade a skill.
    • Passive Skill is an upgrade for our specific stat to grow every time our Main Hero leveling up, and it is permanent.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Mount.jpg
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ID:	1745834

    Some of us maybe thinking to have one or two Mount Glamour is enough and it is not important to get all Mount Glamour. That is wrong, because having Mount Glamour is just like having Zodiac, because all the stat from every Mount Glamour you have, they all stack no matter which Glamour you choose at the moment. And training your Mount won't get wasted if you change your Mount Glamour. The stat bonus from Mount will make your Main Hero stronger but it not carry to your Main Hero, that's why maybe we are wondering The Mount stat bonus that we just upgrade not make a difference BR [ Battle Rating ] after and before.

    Having a Mount will give you a bonus stat for your Main Hero, and all the stat bonus is stack from every Mount Glamour you have.
    You can choose your Mount and every Glamour give you a different Glamour Skill [ such an example : Unicorn will give you 10% chance to increase player dodge +10% at the battle. ] You can get more of Mount Glamour from Shop and some Special Event.

    The higher your Mount Train level, the bigger bonus stat for your Main Hero. And it is permanent, no matter Glamour you choose to ride, you get the same bonus stat. So the higher your Mount Train level the stronger your Main Hero. You can leveling up your Mount Train using a Soul Stone that you can get from Treasure Chest and Tidal Pool.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Clothing and Marriage.jpg
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ID:	1745835

    There are another simple way to boost your Main Hero with Clothing and Marriage, because they give a huge amount of stat bonus and you also can leveling up them to get more stat bonus.

    you can get Cloth and Wing from Shop and some Special E
    vent. Cloth's and Wing's stat bonus that you equip is stack. So you can freely combine them. You also can leveling up your cloth and wing using Fashion Core that you can get from Cross Server.

    To get married you need to reach 1999 Intimacy Point. You can get Intimacy Point by sending Rose to each other, take care their Garden by blessing their tree, watering their plant, kill the insect, but do not steal from their Garden. You also can get Intimacy Point from escorting their Wyrm.

    After you reach 1999 Intimacy Point you can propose your partner by buy one of the Ring that available at Shop, and then you can host a Wedding Party. By accepting your partner propose you also can get the same ring [ free ] and equip it to get the stat bonus.
    After The Marriage both of you can get stat bonus that can be upgrade with Love Crystal that you can buy at Shop from Wedding Garb Chest.

    :: The Basic Knowledge of your ANGELS


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Angel Zodiac.jpg
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ID:	1745836Click image for larger version

Name:	GA Party.jpg
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ID:	1745837

    Deploying an Angel is very helpful for your Battle Result with their unique skill from Zodiac, and the angels also can boost your stat with Guardian Angel System and your Main Angel's Halo.

    ANGELS :
    You can get The Angels from Arena Shop with your Arena Badge and from Special Events. You can choose the Angel Skill from Zodiac Skill.
    Every Angel have a different Halo that can boost you heroes at certain position for the battle, and arrange your heroes to Angel Halo position very important for your Battle Result. You can leveling up your Angel with Angel Tears that you can get from Dungeon and from Shop. And you can Inherit your current Angel level to the New Angel, so every progress you have made with your Angel won't be wasted.

    You can worship your Angels every day to get special buff for your Main Hero at the Battle.
    Every Angel give a different buff, and you can equip it all from all your Angel.

    Guardian Angel system help your Heroes to get Bonus Stat from your Angels using Cherub Stone that you can get by exchange your Dragon Crest at Arena Shop. You can get Dragon Crest from Team Arena. Remember, better Angel give a better stat bonus for your hero.

    Zodiac :
    There is 12 Zodiac you can unlock to get their special skill for your Angel. All Zodiac Bonus Stat is stack and permanent. So don't worry to leveling up your Zodiac, no matter which Zodiac you equip. The higher your Zodiac level, the stronger your Angel, and it applied to all your Angel. You can upgrade you Zodiac using Aegis Shard that you can get from Zodiac Dungeon.

    :: The Basic Knowledge of PARTY HEROES

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Train Heroes.jpg
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ID:	1745825

    You need to build a strong Party Heroes to support your Main Hero at Battle. Beside you need to leveling up them at Drill and equip them with the latest and high level Armor and Weapon, you also need to put a correct gems on their equipment slot. The most important you have to train them, to boost their stat and do not worry if you will lose all the progress you have made with your current heroes if you want to change them with the new one, the Train Point can be Inherit to your new heroes. Having a strong team that can support your Main Hero is very important.

    :: The Basic Knowledge of GEMS

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Gems.jpg
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ID:	1745824

    How you manage your Gems, how strong and reliable your heroes. It is very important to put the correct gems to your heroes slot. You have to unlock more slot to maximized your hero potential strength. The higher your Gems level, the more bonus stat for your hero. And the Gems you have made never wasted, because we can Synth them to a higher level and Exchange them to the Gem we need.

    :: The Basic Knowledge of GARDEN

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Garden.jpg
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ID:	1745827

    Garden is the resources for your Gold, Warsoul, Mount Exp, Roses. Have a good Garden is very important for your game progress.
    How to improve your Garden ? It is simple, get exp for your Garden just from Blessing Tree, Plant and Harvest your seed, Watering your plant, and kill the insect from your Garden. The higher your Garden Level, the more loot you can harvest and shorter your harvest time. You also can upgrade the soil to maximized your resources. And enslaved other player would not harm them or reduced their gold, but you will get a gold for their presence at your Garden.

    :: The Basic Knowledge of TIDAL POOL

    Click image for larger version

Name:	pool.jpg
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ID:	1745829

    Tidal Pool is a resources for your Soul Stone, besides you can get Gold and Gems from here. The higher level of your pool the more you can get from here, and the more Soul Stone you can get, you can Train your Heroes faster and the more Train Points for your hero the stronger they are. So if you want to leveling your pool by using Bait, it is worth.

    :: The Basic Knowledge of WYRM RACE

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wyrm.jpg
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ID:	1745830

    Wyrm Race is one of the easiest way to get Gold in a large amount. We can have a chance to ride a different Wyrm, but take a note that the better wyrm you ride, it will give a stat boost for your Heroes to defend or plundering others. You also can ask a higher level player to escort you so you can get the maximal Gold bonus.

    :: The Basic Knowledge of EREBUS

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Erebus.jpg
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ID:	1745999

    Erebus is not where we got our equipment only, but here you can also get exp by battle with the enemy icon and it is not cost your stamina. So it is important to trigger all the enemy available at Erebus.And remember you need to reach to the last boss to get 3pcs of 2 equipment, beside you also got a huge exp from the last boss, so going straight to the last boss when you just have at least 10 movement left. Tips for doing Erebus, keep your change or skip at least 1 to prevent you hit Trap which can reduce your point and movements and never hit teleport when you almost finished.

    :: The Basic Knowledge of GUILD

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Guild Point.jpg
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ID:	1746000

    Build your guild Level and Guild Bonuses are very important. A strong hero only born from a strong Guild. Beside we got Honor Badge from donating some of your Golds to Guild Level or Guild Bonuses, you also get much benefit from your Guild.
    So if you want to be a strongest hero at your server, you need to have a strong Guild. Some player create their own guild from the beginning, it is wasted, you will never can grow stronger than the member of the Strong Guild. It is better for you to join to the top 10 Guild.

    :: The Basic Knowledge of BONUS STAT STACKED

    Click image for larger version

Name:	stacked.jpg
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ID:	1746001

    Many players said Clothing stat bonus not stacked and it is useless to have more than 1 wing or cloth, that's not true. See to my picture above, for an example my HP from clothing bonus is 7800, i got it 4200 from my Mysteral Wing and 3600 from my Demon Wing. It proved if the clothing stat bonuses are stacked.

    :: Play it on your IOS / Android

    Click image for larger version

Name:	mobile.jpg
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Size:	468.9 KB
ID:	1746005Click image for larger version

Name:	puffin.jpg
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ID:	1746006

    With this Puffin Browser, now you can play it anywhere and anytime.

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    What event is this last???
    Server:S35 Asraels Grasp


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      Originally posted by DJ_-_hell View Post
      What event is this last???
      The last pic? It's Twilight Clash..