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  • big lag

    alot of peaople got lag spike in team arena at this hour and its wery enoyng u cant see who is hitting what and its my first time getting lag in there like that, and one more qestion sometimes it takes forevr to load a page it happend to me and my bro few 1 or 2 weeks ago when the mount event was i have tried to contact the suport but how can i prove it with a pciture that the loading is wery slow i hope u fix this problems its enoying and i lost my mount becouse of that when i tried to get tru

    Will this be fixed or not?
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    Hey hey Rieju, well maybe its because TA is bugged in other servers like mine (91) it doesnt work at all, but im sure there is being worked on right now i guess your problem will be solved together with if our TA is fixed as well

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      I feel like the game itself is lagging VERY badly right now. It's never been this bad before. The load times are horrendous...