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  • s181 angel quiz once gaain

    either fix this or this game can kiss my butt...

    largest dessert is the Sahara......not Antartica......come on use google it will tell you and I picked said wrong....screen shot posted of me getting it wrong once again because you all cant get the answer right....

    I want something for missing my prize...

    Largest Desert in the World - Desert Map - GEOLOGY.COM › Records
    Where is the World's Largest Desert? The Sahara Desert in Northern Africa - by

    if the r2game people want to keep cheating people out of events then let people know

    if you cant get the answered right for the quiz then stop doing the quiz and find something else to make for events that you all know how to do
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    dude it's antarctic!! if you don't believe me read this!!


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      The Largest Desert

      The two largest deserts on Earth are in the polar areas. The Antarctic Polar Desert covers the continent of Antarctica and has a size of about 5.5 million square miles. The second-largest desert is the Arctic Polar Desert. It extends over parts of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. It has a surface area of about 5.4 million square miles.

      Non-Polar Deserts

      The rest of Earth's deserts are outside of the polar areas. The largest is the Sahara Desert , a subtropical desert in northern Africa. It covers a surface area of about 3.5 million square miles. A list of the twenty largest non-polar deserts can be found below.