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Autho Pathing . Bug or Not?

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  • Autho Pathing . Bug or Not?

    I already experience a rare situation where i was going to get lvl 45 on the 6th day of a newly server.

    So its already attainable at 4 hrs by i already finish my loops , zodiac and main quest . Then i autho pathing . After I go to work I leave my laptop on for continueous pathing . Also before I leave it AFK , I look first per minute exp it goes 49 per minute , so it 26460 exp for 9 hrs . And I got only 7889 exp .

    My question is Does the 49 minute in autho pathing a fix exp or it varies ?

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    1) it doesnt vary, the EXP per minute is your lvl +5... 2) you dont have to keep the laptop on to auto path, you can turn the whole computer off and it will still auto path for the next 24hrs or whenever you return, but once it goes over 24hrs, you wont gain anymore EXP....only thing that could have happened is maybe since your laptop was on, either someone in your home moved your guy and stopped the auto pathing at one point, or the EXP amount it showed froze so it only looked like you got 7889 but really you got more


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      It doesn't move at all in that case cause the pathing when i got home is around 14 49 52 . Also if only visual bug my calculation as you say is wrong? Since that the calculation you bring is (Base lvl +5) = value of autho pathing per minute .

      It was just my pass Experience last 2 or 3 days ago am from s214