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"My Server" - Server has disappeared

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  • "My Server" - Server has disappeared

    Player name - riley
    Level - 50
    BR - 96k and change
    Registered through Yahoo Login - 8/24/14

    I was playing this afternoon. Player name is riley (all lower case). I registered on August 24th through my Yahoo login. My BR is 96k and change and I'm at level 50. All of a sudden, the screen goes white, and the game refreshes (keep in mind I did nothing, this was completely out of the blue). Then under "My Servers" I recognize 3 options, I've never had more then 1, furthermore none of which are the option I've selected since I joined on August 24th. There's only been one option under "My servers" to ever choose from since I started playing. Didn't matter if I was playing on my Mac or my XP. For that reason, I never cared to remember the exact name of the server, it was always the one I clicked on under "My Server". Now that its not there, and these other servers are. My character, all my progress, money and time spent are gone. I don't understand, how your server can just disappear, and with it everything you've built up. Tried to play on both my computers, have the same issue with both of them. Can't find the server I was using.

    I entered a support ticket - Support Ticket Opened [#173960]

    Included screen shots of email confirmations from yahoo games showing money spent and confirmation numbers, screenshot of checking account showing charges for yahoo games, lastly email from Yahoo games thanking me for playing. Surely, it has to be fairly simple for someone based on that information to provide the Server I was using...please help. Thank you.

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    Please make sure you are logging into the correct server or using the correct email address, i can see 2 forum account of yours already so you definitely have 2 r2games account. so login into both and recheck.
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