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Paladian regereration during battle....?????

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  • Paladian regereration during battle....?????

    how many times on average should a lvl 69 paladian regenerate during a standard battle? i ask as there is one on server 187 and she regenerated over 7 times in our last battle and on average 4 to 8 times a fight. Is this standard? I ask as the other paladian with full skill sets and same level maybe regenerate one or two times maximum per battle... Only kendedes regenerates 4 to 8 times min per battle...

    I have a minor in statistics and opened a paladian account on another server to see and i cannot regenerate as often as she does and she has for 2 months now... And all the top accounts out of the philippines run by 2 players all have these types of anomalies... Breaking every law of percentages in battles with me....

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    its all about luck -_-


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      Paladins can regenerate anywhere from 0-30 times

      Happy Chinese New Year!


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        There are 2 ways to increase percentage of regeneration. First increasing the number of times the paladin use his skills (with totems, heroes who give rage and so on), and second using emblems that increase % of firing secondary and finishing skill.