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Is the angel suppose to disappear after you revive?

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  • Is the angel suppose to disappear after you revive?

    Talking about the gear if you revive your angel disappears. is this suppose to happen or is this a bug?

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    Yes it is suppsed to happen.
    When you fight, would you find it fair that someone on the opposite died, revived and still had there angel in fight?
    So, yes it is supposed to happen, it removes the angel from the fight, because basically your having a second wind NOT your angel.


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      Need a screenshot

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        It seems to be a bug, as it doesn't happen everytime. I have died and revived (all heroes dead) and angel stayed, other times angel disapeared. It seems pretty random.
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          Originally posted by AE86 View Post
          Need a screenshot
          Not sure how i can do that. Since it doesn't happen all the time but next time if it happens ill try get a ss of it. Hopefully someone else can do it as well.


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            very rarely angels actually stay and attack after you and ya hero are dead. once, it ended up so there was one angel left on our team, no heros or mains, and she and the opposite angel (who had one hero) just kept attacking randomly. We won though, so it was fine XD
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              It does this on all servers, Kabam, Kong, GTA, Proficent City, not just R2.
              When you resurrect, the angel goes away, and you fight one or two more times before dying again.
              Its not a bug it is intentional.


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                there was a time in TA when there was only one person remaining on the other team and they still had 2 angels fighting o.o it happened to my team too.