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    To be honest, class doesn't matter anymore. It's who ever has more dodge and has Hectate.


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      lol dodge now is neft or nerf a lot... basically i was a bit annoyed how dodge over hit is really calculated... i am curently having 16k dodge and 18k in total including halo's and buffs,,but still 8-9k hit never miss on me especially skill attacks (not including icicle arrows of mystic ofc) my question is, is skill supposed not to really miss even you have low hit over dodge??


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        It depends on how you plan your build, setting up and divide stats between main character and every heroes.

        Mage (mystic) is the strongest in my server. 2nd place is berserker with higher stat. For lv 70+ class don't have too much differences anymore it just depends on how you build and prepare your team. Many factors and calculation not only what you have better (mount/angels/cherub).

        Well cash might hold major factor for quick wins but there are many other things can make u win even to higher casher (as long not too big gap). Things u put in ur team even u got all best but if u put all wrongly can make u weak.
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