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  • recharging

    hi i have a problem want to recharge but dont know how!!!there is no more option paying by phone!!!!i dont have credit cards or any other way to pay and now i dont see how can i recharge?why there is no more option paying by sms or dao pay?

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    pre-paid cc? Debit through paypal? Lot's of ways actually

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      actually no ways for that people in my country dont have much options for online paying,but anyway you are on lose we dont pay much because we dont have money and that vip and few diamonds we buy is real fortune for us and now there is no way to buy them because you cancel paying by phone.that was the only way we all have akces.ty for that i still hope that you gona put back that,or you gona lose money from all people like me who play game and spend few dollars,i know you dont care for that because all that big spenders but think about that,we are players too and if we want to pay something its ok to have way to do that


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        When will the pay by phone via sms messages be re instated. Some people do not have access to credits cards or debit cards and using a phone is a good way for people to budget if they use prepaid. Can a games master or administrator please reply with an answer so that people can decide whether it is still worth there while to waste time on a game they cannot have full access to.