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Acidntlly deleted rewards from bug Cross server

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  • Acidntlly deleted rewards from bug Cross server

    Hello dear techs. Sorry to post here but IT IS NOT A BUG REPORT, so If You all excuse me,I will related my problem here,thank You for your time.
    I acidently deleted mil with rewards form cros server bug(the one with many ppl getting victoriana and alecta for free). I would much apreciated if You can re-send that e-mail with compensation to me. (not to intenion I had 1 k ~royal mark in my inventory....but I cannot proove that because all of them went in in a ''splash''v. I would apreciated, and I admit, I deleted compensation. fbecauxse i did not ckecked all e-mail mesages corecctlly. You can easelly check it out. I deleted compensation. So please,becasues it was a bug from Your side,as a monthlly cashier,please,at least ,refound my compensation. Thank's dev team so much.
    Ig nick: GOKUZ, Serever S39 ARCHANGEL.
    Have a great day
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    Sorry to inform you but we simply cannot correct human error

    Happy Chinese New Year!


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      hi and ty for reply. Can go to trash this posst. bye and ty


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        ADeleate this post already .....when it's R2games fault ,noone comments...huma Error,You're right...I did a human error,but how about You,that U make erors after errors and not fix them? delete this post..I will resume only vip,not like a crazy untill now 200 $ /month. Gl r2games,nice marketing manager You have..