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Fix endless battles !!!

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  • Fix endless battles !!!

    After introducing Hecate a major problem arise. When fighting PvP, if both players have Hecate (which is happening very often now), they are entering a endless loop. Hecate heals more than they can do damage. So, after 50 rounds, the player from the left side looses. That is a problem in Domination and CS. If you attack first, you will loose. That's so unfair.
    Your solution with introducing limit on fights (50 attacks) is not solving the problem fairly. It only causes even bigger problem. For example, I can't pass eternal spire because when only 1 enemy is left, the fight ends at final couple of blows.
    My suggestion is that when players in PvP enter an endless loop, the player who has more BR or has more total HP left should win. And at other events, like eternal spire or totems, the limit on fights should be removed or raised significantly.

    King regards.

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    Do it like on Dragon Pals where after a few round attack increase with 50% and then after few rounds with 100%
    its unfair how it works now.
    We pay big money for this heroos and we lose now because of this round limits
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      Kill hecate early on.